Northern Europe

Enjoy the best powder skiing in the Norwegian fjords, sail its lakes or hike through the marvelous Lyngen Alps. Explore the Troll Peninsula in Iceland from end to end with your skis and discover unspoiled places. Or cross the North Atlantic Ocean and visit Greenland, with its incredible off-piste scenery for a great heliski experience. These options and many others await you in Northern Europe. Let help you book your next guided adventure in this amazing region.




Whether you are coming to the coast, the mountains or somewhere in between, there are no excuses to stay indoors in Norway. Visitors will keep very busy during their holidays if they come here with the idea of having a real feel of the country, visiting its magical landscapes and exploring its endless spots.

Spend some days lost in the mountains while you sleep on a boat anchored among the fjords. Skiing, hiking, biking, fishing or even diving are just other options you have in this Nordic country whose landscapes look like in a tale, but they are pure reality.




Due to its low temperatures, which rarely exceed 15 degrees, Iceland is the perfect place for those traveling through northern Europe in search of winter adventures. The snow conditions here are exquisite, and the options for those who prefer other activities, such as climbing or hiking, are also endless, as there are many national parks to explore. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the second largest island in Europe and the sky with the most perfect northern lights.

Here below you can see a good selection of guided trips in the country. Pick up one and let the Icelandic adventure come into your life…




Sweden is supposed to be a very quiet country but it actually offers some of the most exciting outdoor experiences in northern Europe. In summer, go canoeing or kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago, ride a bike along the Kattegattleden från Skåne or have an intense walk in Swedish Lapland. During the winter, get lost in the north of the country and enjoy the best backcountry skiing, dog-sledding and snowmobiling adventures.

You can also visit its crystalline lakes, forests and, of course, the Middle Age Viking cities, frozen in time. From magical ski spots to beaches, Sweden is a destination that will surprise you and make you return for more and more adventures.




Explore nature, discover a new culture and breath its coastal wind. In Greenland you will live a complete experience using all the senses. Here you can conquer the Arctic Circle with your snowshoes, climb the glaciers that rise high along the coastline and sail like an authentic Greenlander! A world of untouched spots, whales and fjords will be opened in front of you.

You cannot miss a kayaking tour in Narsaq or Eriksfjord, a cultural walk through its museums and a visit to the legendary villages, still marked by a Viking footprint. The whale watching is also a show that is worth enjoying.



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