Rock Climbing in South Korea

South Korea has an amazing rock climbing and bouldering scene. Discover some of the best spots for the sport with one of the certified guides at!

Whether its bouldering at Insu Bong or climbing sea cliffs at Jeju-Do, you will love discovering the best rock climbing in South Korea with a certified guide. Sport, trad, single and multi-pitch are all options in this rock climbing heaven in Asia.

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Located in Pukhansan National Park, north of Seoul, Insu Bong is an amazing rock climbing spot nicknamed "small Yosemite". Multi-pitch, bouldering, and all types of rock climbing are popular at this unique spot.


Good to know:

Country code





South Korean won

Best time to visit

Between August and November


Short, hot, humid, and very rainy summers characterize the climate of South Korea, as well as cold and dry winters

How to get there

You can reach South Korea by boat from Japan, China, and Russia. Otherwise, fly to Seoul-Incheon International Airport (IIA)

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Rock climbing in South Korea is becoming increasingly popular. The country boasts a wide variety of rock climbing options for all levels and all styles. Furthermore, you can go rock climbing near Seoul, or at more remote destinations, by the sea or by the mountains. However, it is not always easy to find some of the more remote rock climbing locations in South Korea, therefore, going with a certified guide will ensure you find the best spots

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