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The sheer scale of Frenchman Coulee is what sets it apart from other rock climbing spots, as it rises up and towers above the massive rocky terrain of the valley and plains beneath it. This enables an extreme abundance of different rock climbing routes, some of which are at an exhilarating height.



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United States Dollar

How to get there

Drive 186 miles East of Seattle, Washington

Best time to visit

Spring or Fall months, when the weather is not too hot or cold, and there is little rain


Hot and windy in Summer, and extremely cold in Winter. Pleasant in Fall and Spring months

More info about Rock Climbing in Frenchman Coulee:

Frenchman Coulee is quite an isolated spot, so make sure you come prepared with everything you need for your trip. Some of the rock climbing can be very challenging, so being in good fitness and shape beforehand will help enhance your rock climbing experience



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