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Often referred to as the "Switzerland of the Middle East" due to its snowy peaks, Lebanon is an ideal winter sports location. Explore-share.com helps you book your next Splitboarding trip in Lebanon.

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Home to the Temple of Bacchus, birthplace of acclaimed poet Khalil Gibran, coasted by the Mediterranean and embraced by mountains that in winter are a haven of snow, Lebanon is a country of wonders no matter what slope you admire it from. It is also a new secret favorite for winter sports, with its six ski resorts and amazing off-piste options that allow for tree runs amongst cedars and splitboarding on virgin powder snow that whispers like a secret to those that know where to find it. Never mind the food, the coffee, the hospitality. With so much to discover, going with a local certified guide is a great way to access all those places you know are there but don’t know where, and to arrange logistics while ensuring safety. Don’t miss your chance to discover this splitboarding dream land in the Middle East!




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The Lebanese climate is Mediterranean with long, hot, dry summers and short, cool, wet winters. In the Mount Lebanon range, it has Alpine climate with snow and sub-zero temperatures in the winter, and lovely waterfalls in the spring.




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How to get there

The best option is to fly in to Beirut from the UK as border issues make it difficult to drive into Lebanon. You can also get in by boat. Additionally, keep in mind that you will need to check visa requirements, and that if your passport has an entry or exit stamp from Israel you may not be allowed to enter the country.

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The ski season in Lebanon runs from November to April.






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