Cerro Castillo 4 day alpine climbing trip

Cerro Castillo is a big challenge for well trained mountaineers. Join Nicolas, IFMGA aspirant mountain guide from Chile for this 4-day adventure.

Come climb Cerro Castillo in Coyhaique (Aysen region) and enjoy its 2675 meters of height in a unique 4 day program. You’ll not also ascend an amazing summit but also visit the fantastic Cerro Castillo Natural Reserve. 

As its name implies, it is literally a rock castle located right on the edge of the northern ice fields. Its east face is the most difficult while the west side is rather less technical.

During the first day we will make an approach to the base camp for 5 hours. The base camp is still in the forest. The next day we will start with a path of 1000 meters uphill, with a slope of 45°. Thus we will arrive at a hill to the east side of the Cerro Castlillo. From this point we will climb a 65ª slope for about 200 meters and then a final climb towards the summit. We will descend finally by four rappels, until the hill again and then back by the same access route.

It’ll be an exciting and demanding ascent recommended to well trained people who have some prior experience.

If you’re one of the and want to join me, please send your request now and book your place!

Ice climbing in Narvik, Northern Norway

Enjoy 1 or more days of ice climbing in Narvik, north of the Arctic Circle, along with Marius, an IFMGA certified guide. Explore the almost endless climbing possibilities of this spectacular region, on a trip suitable for all levels!

I invite you to join me for one or more days of ice climbing in Narvik, a spectacular location of incredible natural beauty in northern Norway. In fact, Narvik and its surrounding offer some of the best ice climbing in all Norway.

Also, due to its location north of the Arctic Circle, Narvik can also boast of a very long season, from November to April.

The potential for ice climbing is almost endless here. We can reach from short, low angled climbs close to the road to steep multi pitch waterfalls high up in the mountains, and it’s just 20 minutes and up to 2 hours drive away from the city of Narvik.

We also have endless opportunities for alpine climbing, with big or small walls and long rides. There are so many ice climbing possibilites to enjoy here! In other words, there is something for everyone, from beginners who want to try out ice climbing to advanced climbers who want to experience steeper stuff.

If you are looking to try out some of the more low angled climbs close to the roads there are no specific requirements, in terms of previous experience. However, for longer days and climbs you have to be experienced in winter travel and it is also preferable for you to have ice climbing experience. Anyway, I will plan the days and trips according to your requirements, wishes and time available.

Our climbing spots are located close to the sea in different fjords or even out on the surrounding islands, such as Andørja. Also, in valleys like Spansdalen or Sørdalen, in southern or inner Troms, or up on the mountain plateaus of Swedish Lappland and in many other places.

The closest airport to Narvik is Evenes, just one hour drive away from the city of Narvik. It’s soon to be about only 40-45 minutes away with a new bridge that is soon to be completed.

Regarding accommodation, Narvik offers many good choices, from large hotels in the city, to smaller lodges both up in the mountains or close to the sea.

Besides, on days off or in the evenings there are plenty of other exciting options: you can either go scouting for the northern lights or try ski touring in one of the many mountains in the area. Or you can go skiing in the resort located in the middle of the city of Narvik itself, go dogsledding or visit the wolfes in the Polar Zoo. Lots of exciting experiences await you in Narvik!

So come join me on this great ice climbing trip in the beautiful and wild mountains in Narvik. Just send me a request and we will start planning your next adventure in Norway. I also offer a guided ski touring programme in Narvik. You should check it out!

1-day Canyoning trip in Cajón del Maipo

Join Nicolás, a local aspirant guide, on this 1-day Canyoning trip in Cajón del Maipo. And enjoy the Chilean nature in an exciting way!

This 1-day Canyoning trip in Cajón del Maipo is a wonderful experience to enjoy Chile at its most.

Cajón del Maipo is an alpine canyon located in the southwest part of the Metropolitan region of Chile. It’s formed in the high grounds of the Maipo River, where it’s surrounded by mountains and big walls. It’s an hour away from Santiago de Chile, which makes it a popular place for tourism.

And this program will make the most out of this amazing nature feature. We’ll do much more than just admire the river, we’ll hike, jump and swim through it.

I’ll guide you through the beautiful landscapes of this canyon. We’ll start with a 45 minutes walk through a path surrounded by alpine forest and its local fauna. And when we’ll get to the canyon, we’ll descend the river with ropes and jumping into the natural ponds. We’ll even go down 15 meters cascades.

The activity will last around 4 to 5 hours, but you have to bare in mind the transport to and from Cajón del Maipo

So request to book this program if you feel you’re up for this 1-day Canyoning trip in Cajón del Maipo. This is a great opportunity to enjoy nature from inside!