5-day ski touring program in the Pyrenees

Join Martin, an IFMGA mountain guide, for an amazing ski touring experience in the High Route Panticosa-Vignemale of the Pyrenees, in Southwest Europe.

Choosing the Pyrenees for a ski touring trip is an interesting alternative for those skiers who prefer to avoid the crowds of the Alps. Its Panticosa-Vignemale is an amazing high route for hut-to-hut ski touring. In this 5-day tour you can explore this area under expert guidance.

The Pyrenees is a range of mountains forming a natural border between Spain and France. It reaches a height of 3,404 metres at the peak of Aneto and extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Bay of Biscay.

We will start from Panticosa, located in the province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain. Every day we will climb to different summits. After a short rest and a light lunch, we’ll ski down on untracked powder slopes. By the end of the day, we will eat and rest in warm and charming huts of the area, surrounded by a wonderful natural scenery. .

The Pyrenees offer a huge terrain for the ski tourer, with hundreds of peaks and excellent snow conditions. In this trip we’ll trace magnificent mountain skiing tracks around Serrato (2,800m), Tebarray (2,900m), La Gran Facha (3,006m), and Col des Mulets (2,590m).

Away from the crowds, we will ski having views of wonderful lakes, valleys, forests, granitic rock spurs and steep peaks. Here it will be easy to find ourselves in complete loneliness enjoying some unique natural landscapes.

If you’re decided to live a once in a lifetime ski touring experience, please contact me! I’ll be glad to guide you along the powder slopes of the Pyrenees!

And if you want to ski in the Pyrenees but prefer being closer to a ski resort, you should try my Off-piste skiing course in Piau Engaly.


1-week ski tour in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

Come with Jon, an UIAGM/IFMGA- certified mountain guide, on this one-week ski tour in the magical Lofoten Islands in Norway!

One of the most exotic skiing destinations we can find in Norway are the Lofoten Islands: amazing sunsets, magical aurora borealis, skiing to the very edge of the sea, incredible fjords and majestic mountains that rise from sea level!

My invitation is to discover this magical place by skiing the different amazing peaks that can be found here. In terms of technical difficulty and depending on participants’ wishes,  we will choose which mountains to ski every day: Varden (700 mt), Stortind (731 mt), Rundfjellet (803 mt), Torksmannen (755mt), Breitind (672 mt), Kistbergtind (661 mt), Trosadelen (996 mt), … and more!

Every morning we will have breakfast at 8:30 and leave in our vehicle to the chosen area for that day. We will start ascending at less than 100 meters of altitude, in many cases a few meters from the shore of some fjords and always with the sea in the background!

Our meeting point will be in the airport of Madrid or Barcelona. Once we arrive to the Lofoten Islands, participants will get transported to the beautiful town of  Henningsvaer to the comfortable fishing huts where we will be staying all week. After a long day of ski, nothing better than to rest and enjoy the typical Norwegian food made by the hands of a local chef!

If you like, one day we can rent some kayaks and go for a ride in the company of a local guide. And, if you are interested, during our week there will be different workshops of laps, foraging techniques, rowing and more!

So if you are ready for this amazing trip in the Lofoten Islands, request to book this trip!

If you wish to do another ski adventure, you can also join me on this 7-day Monte Rosa ski traverse in the Swiss Alps!

Aconcagua guided ascent via its “normal route”

Join Fernando, an IFMGA certified mountain guide from Spain, who had climbed the Aconcagua more than 30 times! Ascend to its summit via the normal route.

Cerro Aconcagua is a mountain of the Central Andes and is located in the northwestern tip of the province of Mendoza (Argentina) within the Aconcagua Provincial Park. It is the highest peak in America and at the same time, the highest one in the world outside Asia.

The mountain reaches a maximum height of 6,962 meters. Several glaciers cross its slopes; the most important are the Polaco glacier (northeast) and the English glacier (east).

Undoubtedly, the Aconcagua is one of the mountains most frequented by mountaineers from around the world as it presents a real challenge. I will accompany you to reach its summit by the great “normal route” of Horcones.

This route ascends through different base camps that grow in height as we go up. For each section, of course, certain days of rest will be needed. The most outstanding spots of the normal route are the following ones. They’re listed following the increasing order of altitude:

  • Base Camp (Plaza de Mulas),
  • El Semáforo,
  • Piedras Conway,
  • Plaza Canada,
  • Piedra de 5000,
  • Cambio de Pendiente,
  • Nido de Cóndores,
  • Cólera,
  • Piedras Blancas,
  • Piedras Negras,
  • Independencia,
  • Portezuelo de los Vientos,
  • Gran Travesía,
  • La Canaleta
  • And finally: Aconcagua Summit!

As a lover of mountaineering and especially of this beautiful mountain in Argentina, I have climbed Aconcagua 35 times and I have stayed at its peak for 66 days. I can assure you the safest ascent with the best team of guides.

Join me now. Send your request to book. There are dates open for January 2018!