1-day backcountry ski in Shirakawa area


The backcountry ski options in the Shirakawa area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are endless! Make your choice and join Naoki, JMGA certified mountain guide.

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Join me for an unforgettable day backcountry skiing in the area of Shirakawa. 

Shirakawa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic village is simply beautiful, the architecture of the houses is unique. This is in fact one of the areas with the heaviest snowfall in Japan. As this is not a ski resort, there are no lifts at all. Therefore we will have to hike up!

I planned this trip for experienced backcountry skiers. And I can arrange various itineraries for you, depending on your wishes. The tour varies depending on the sites we go to. We will hike up in total 2 to 5 hours. We can choose the routes to best fit your technical level. Let's have a great snow day together!

  • Oku-Mino, Shirakawa-go, Shirayu Area:

This is my favourite home field. It is located at the westernmost side of the Chubu Mountains. There is very light snow in this area, brought by dry wind blowing from Hakusan (Mt Haku). Oku-Mino is very famous for many popular large scale ski resorts. And in Hirayu, you can enjoy dry powder snow. Also, many skiers are fascinated by the heavy snowfall in Shirakawa-go.

Some possible routes are: Dainichi-ga-dake, Suigo-yama, Bishamon-dake, Mt. Nodanishojisan, Sanbou-iwa-dake, Shirayu, etc.

  • Hokuriku, Hakusan Area:

The Japan Sea side of Hakusan is an area where we find much snow. Since the old days, many people have skied in this area due to its attractive fields. There are many great options in these ski fields. It is better to enjoy snow in this area from mid-January until mid-February. I recommend you to come earlier to get the best snow in the early spring.

Some possible tour routes include: Katsuyama, Ohno, Hakusan, etc.

Do these backcountry ski options in Shirakawa sound tempting? Then please send me a request to book this trip and we will define the exact program! I can't wait to guide you in this magic location. There are also great backcountry ski options around Nagano and Niigata, check them out!


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The indicated price is for weekdays only. On weekends the price per person is: - 60000JPY (group of 1) - 30000JPY (group of 2) - 20000JPY (group of 3) - 15000JPY (group of 4) - 12500JPY (group of 5) - 11500JPY (group of 6).

Equipment: skis (skis, snowboard, telemark, etc), ski boots, outerwear (warm, waterproof and moisture permeable clothes with hood are ideal), inner wear (nylon or fleece material, cotton is not suitable), underwear (easy to dry up), sunglasses, goggles (sunglasses are not enough), warm gloves, beanie, neck warmer (balaclava is the best), helmet, beacon, probe, shovel, crampons (optional), snowshoes or seals, telescopic walking poles, light gloves, snacks and drink, backpack (25-30L). You can rent the following items: beacon, backpack, snowshoes, probe, shovel, telescopic poles.

Cancellations: - Between 2 and 7 days prior to the trip: CF is 30% of the trip price. - On the previous day: CF is 50% of the trip price. - On the same day (or no show up): CF is 100% of the trip price.

Meeting point

It will depend on the route we choose. We will meet around 8AM.


About the guide

I am a JMGA certified mountain and ski / snowboarding guide. I was born in Shiga prefecture, where I still live, and have been snowboarding since 1999. I’ve been a backcountry guide since 2007

My passion is travelling and backcountry snowboarding. My guiding style is to travel to snowboard, and during the winter season, I travel from Hokkaido to Western Japan (Gifu) chasing the snow with my clients.

I am not a pro snowboarder that decorates the front page of free ride magazines nor am I a super climber on high peaks abroad, but my speciality is to understand what clients seek and to guide accordingly.

My slogan is “To guide with maximum effort! Enjoy with clients! And by all means, safely!!”
Please join me to have fun in the backcountry fields all over Japan!

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JPY 12887 Each

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The indicated price is for weekdays only.

The price does not include guide's expenses, transportation fees, lift fees or insurance.



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