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1-day guided climb on the ridge of Dents de Lanfon


Conquer the ridge of Dents de Lanfon and achieve stunning panoramic views of Lake Annecy, the third largest in France.

Take a refreshing hike through a forest and breath in the clear alpine scents. Then we begin rock climbing the ridge of Dents de Lanfon. The traverse here takes approximately 3-4 hours.

The climb is punctuated with panoramic views, with the slopes of Dents de Lanfon sliding down into Lake Annecy making them a classic destination for rock climbers and sightseers.

The level for this 1-day rock climbing trip is intermediate, and so it requires good fitness, with the ability to walk more than 4 consecutive hours.

Join me in July, August or September for this amazing trip.

Reserve your place now to rock climb the ridge of Dents de Lanfon and discover the breathtaking views that surround the summit.


Meeting point

ln Annecy


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