22-Day Mountaineering Expedition to the Top of Aconcagua


Explore the Andes with the expert IFMGA-certified guides of Alpine Ascents International and summit Aconcagua on a 22-day mountaineering program.


22 Days

Jan, Feb, Dec




  • Conquer one of the seven summits and check Aconcagua off your bucket list.
  • Safely utilize your mountaineering skills in the stunning scenery of the Andes.
  • Enjoy built-in acclimatization treks to enhance your climb up the mountain.
  • Choose the more scenic and personal Polish Variation for a 24-day climb.


Climb to the pinnacle of the Andes and vanquish the daunting Aconcagua of Argentina! Take 22-days to ascend one of the Seven Summits and the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere on a truly unforgettable mountaineering adventure!

Aconcagua (6,962m) needs no introduction. In the climbing world, this peak is infamous for its stature as the highest summit outside of Asia, its great location in the Andes of Argentina, and its plentiful peaks exceeding 6,000 meters. This mountain is on every adventurer’s radar as an absolute must, and for good reason.

Climbing the mountain is not particularly technical, but it does present mountaineers with many exhilarating challenges. Considering the glaciers, breathtaking views, and dedicated treks, your sustained effort is so much more rewarding over the course of the three-week program.

With incredible scenery from the bottom, middle, top, and everywhere in between, you will be fully immersed in the natural beauty of the terrain while looking out on the stunning landscapes below. The flora and fauna are just as impressive, and with expert guides leading the way, you will experience this mountain like a local.

Our Normal Route program spans 22 days, giving you plenty of time to feel at home on this incredible mountain. Acclimatization is built-in to the trip, which means you can rest and prepare for the challenging aspects of the climb while taking in your surroundings and learning about Aconcagua.

For an extended trip that takes you up the road less traveled, we can guide you on the Vacas Valley Route up Aconcagua. This 24-day program adds small twists to the trip and allows us the chance to traverse the mountain. We will trek into Base Camp and enjoy a more visually stunning route than the Normal Route. It does NOT include porters, so pack weight would be roughly 45 to 50 pounds.

Aconcagua is basically our home. If you are excited about seeing this beautiful peak, then we are absolutely thrilled to share our passion and expertise with you. We will guarantee a safe and satisfying adventure that will remain with you long after you have left Aconcagua.

You should have a high level of fitness to participate in this program, including the ability to carry heavy loads for multiple hours over the course of several days. Mountaineering experience is necessary, as this is a physically demanding mountain. Aconcagua should be respected and prepared for.

Book this 22-day mountaineering program and face the Andes head on by conquering the highest peak in the southern hemisphere!

We can also travel to Bolivia and scale its great peaks on a 16-day program! Or we can try our hand at climbing volcanoes in Mexico on a 10-day trip!


Day 1: Leave for Argentina

You will begin your adventure by leaving your home country.

Day 2: Arrive in Mendoza

We will get checked in to the hotel and go over equipment, Leave No Trace policies, and our itinerary for the following days of the expedition.

Day 3: Penitentes

After completing the necessary permit process, we will make our way to Penitentes by bus. We will enjoy dinner at our lodge-style accommodation.

Day 4: Confluencia

We will arrive at the park via private van. Once registered, we head into the Confluencia Camp (3,300m) and settle in.

Day 5: Plaza Francia

At the base of Aconcagua, Plaza Francia (3,695m) is a critical aspect of the acclimatization process, and we will be able to enjoy a delectable meal during this trek before returing to Confluencia.

Day 6: Plaza de Mulas

Our day consists of an eight-hour trek to Plaza de Mulas (4,260m). We will ensure we have the appropriate gear and items for a comfortable stay.

Day 7: Rest Day

We will take a light day trekking in the area and appreciating the area. The trek may necessitate crampons.

Day 8: Mt. Bonete

Another acclimatization trek will take us to Mt. Bonete and its summit (5,100m). The six-hour climb establishes deeper into the mountain environment.

Day 9: Canada I Camp

We will work on gear carrying and building strength for the days ahead with an out-and-back trek. Climbers will be asked to carry roughly 25 pounds of group equipment with the 10 pounds of personal gear already in tow. The acclimatization trek to Canada Camp (4,910m) will provide another satisfying lunch in the beautiful mountains.

Day 10: Rest Day

Another day getting used to the high altitude.

Day 11: Canada I Camp

On this climb to Canada Camp, we will set up camp and prepare for our next moves.

Day 12: Camp II Nido de Condores

From Canada Camp, we head higher into the mountains with a four-hour climb and set up our next camp at Nido de Condores (5,256m).

Day 13: Rest Day

Slowly building altitude strength, we are getting acquainted with the environment.

Day 14: Camp III Colera

Our High Camp, Camp Colera (6,000m), will push us closer to the top. This brief but challenging climb takes three to four hours and will set us up for a summit attempt on the following day.

Day 15: Aconcagua Summit

An early morning departure after breakfast will take us to the peak of Aconcagua (6,962m). Once we have reveled in our achievement, we will descend back down to Camp Colera for the night.

Day 16: Plaza de Mulas

We will begin our way down the mountain. Once we complete the long climb down to Plaza de Mulas, we will take some time to rest before heading out the next day.

Day 17: Puente del Inca

This final trek of the program will lead us to Penitentes for the night.

Day 18: Mendoza

Descending into Mendoza, we will check-in to our hotel accommodations.

Day 19: Extra Day / Rest Day

This day is reserved for rest and / or restrictive weather conditions.

Day 21: Leave Mendoza

After the new memories you have just made, you will never forget this incredible trip.

Day 22: Return Home




We will be staying in hotels and camping for the duration of our expedition.

More info

Pack weight averages 35 to 40 pounds, depending on personal gear.

Please purchase trip cancellation insurance within 21 days of booking this program.

The following personal gear and items are required for this program: - Ice axe - Crampons - Climbing harness with two (2) locking carabiners - At least four (4) additional non-locking carabiners - 40-feet of accessory cord - Trekking poles - Mountaineering boots - Gaiters - Three (3) pairs of hiking socks - Short underwear - Base-layer pants and shirts - Mid-layer top - Soft-shell pants and jacket - Hard-shell pants and jacket - Insulated lightweight jacket - Insulated synthetic pants - Insulated down parka - Liner gloves - Soft-shell gloves - Insulated mittens - Climbing helmet - UV buff - Hat for sun protection - SPF 30+ sunscreen - SPF 30+ lip balm - Ski hat - Headlamp - Glacier glasses - Ski goggles - Sleeping bag - 55-liter climbing backpack - Foam pad - Inflatable sleeping pad (optional) - Personal food - Wide-mouth water bottles - Travel mug, bowl, knife, and spoon - Durable trash bags - Urine bottle (and funnel, if necessary) - Toiletry bag including toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste - First aid kit and medication(s) as necessary - Earplugs - Internet device (smartphones are acceptable) - Water purification and treatment set - Running shoes for approaches and off-mountain travel - Travel clothing - Duffel bag (recommended) - Camera (recommended) Some of these items are available for rent. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Meeting point

We will meet at the airport in Mendoza – look for an Alpine Ascents sign.


About the guide

We are one of the prime guiding agencies in the US and our mountaineering school is among the most reputed in the country. We are recognized as industry leaders all across North America.

All our expeditions are carefully planned as we believe that our work prior to the start of the trip is key to helping climbers achieve their goals. We provide a wealth of important information to help participants plan more effectively and our guides are always available to answer questions.

We believe putting together cohesive groups is key and we ask participants important details about their training and climbing or hiking experience. This is key to our safety record, which stands as the finest in the industry. Injury prevention is always our top priority.

We think of climbers as modern-day explorers. Whether attending a mountaineering course or climbing Everest, you can expect us to treat every trip as a unique exploration. We know you have joined us to embrace a challenge and to learn through experience.

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Prices per person

Group of 1

USD 5980 Each

Group of 2

USD 5980 Each

Group of 3

USD 5980 Each

Group of 4

USD 5980 Each

Group of 5

USD 5980 Each

Group of 6

USD 5980 Each

Group of 7

USD 5980 Each

Group of 8

USD 5980 Each

Want a different number of travellers?

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Group porters

- Breakfast

- Luggage transfer

- Accommodation included

- Transport during the trip

Price details

This is the price to join one of our group programs.

The Vacas Valley Route (Polish Variation) has a price of $5,100 USD to join. The porter fees are NOT included in this program.

A $700 USD deposit is due with the application. The remaining balance is due 120 days before your departure.

The price includes the guiding fee, land transportation within Argentina, transfer from the airport, accommodation in Mendoza before the trip, accommodation in Penitentes, all meals UNTIL returning to Mendoza after the climb, group equipment, porters for Normal Route, camping gear, and mules.

The price does NOT include a possible $25 wire transfer fee, international airfare, final transfer to airport, baggage fees and airport taxes, climbing permit fee ($800 - $1,100, depending on the season), single-room supplements in hotels, porters for the traverse of Vacas Valley, accommodations after the climb, accommodations/meals/transportation for early end to the trip, early departure fees, alcohol, insurance, personal gear and equipment, personal food and drinks, gratuities, and anything not explicitly mentioned as “included.”

For booking assistance

Our experienced outdoor adventure team is ready to help you boost your experience and will assist you throughout the whole process, from the moment you choose a program until you return from your trip.



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