• Trip duration
    18 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec


Mount Aconcagua is the highest peak in the Americas and the highest mountain outside the Himalayas. It is also the second highest peak of the “Seven Summits Circuit”.
This expedition is recommended as an introduction to big heights since its elevation, geographical and weather conditions constitute a perfect setting for moderate demands and as a preparation for bigger challenges such as eight thousand meter peaks and other mountains in the Himalayas.
The “Colossus of America” is the goal of many climbers from all over the world as well as an attraction to thousands of tourists per year that enjoy its natural beauty and treasure this unique and magnificent experience.
This route starts with a three day trekking through Vacas Valley up to Plaza Argentina Base Camp and the descent is through the Normal Route, allowing us to enjoy all the magnitude of the mountain.

1° Day: Mendoza – Hotel (800 mts. / 2.493 ft.)
2° Day: Mendoza – Penitentes (2.600 mts. / 8.465 ft.)
3° Day: Penitentes – Pampa de Leña (2.950 mts. / 9.678 ft.)
4° Day: Pampa de Leña – Casa de Piedra (3.240 mts. / 10.630 ft.)
5° Day: Casa de Piedra – Plaza Argentina (4.200 mts. / 13.800 ft.)
6° Day: Plaza Argentina (4.200 mts. / 13.800 ft.)
7° Day: Plaza Argentina – Camp 1 (4.800 mts. / 15.750 ft.) – Plaza Argentina
8° Day: Plaza Argentina (4.200 mts. / 13.800 ft.)
9° Day: Plaza Argentina – Camp 1 (4.800 mts. / 15.750 ft.)
10° Day: Camp 1 – Camp 2 (5.350 mts. / 17.552 ft.) – Camp 1
11° Day: Camp 1 – Camp 2 (5.350 mts. / 17.552 ft.)
12° Day: Camp 1 (4.800 mts. / 15.750 ft.)
13° Day: Camp 2 – Camp Cólera (6.000 mts. / 19.685 ft.)
14° Day: Camp Cólera – Summit (6.962 mts. / 22.841 ft.) – Camp Cólera
15° & 16° Day: Extra Summit day.
17° Day: Camp Cólera – Plaza de Mulas (4.350 mts. / 14.500 ft.)
18° Day: Plaza de Mulas – Horcones – Mendoza (800 mts. / 2.493 ft.)

• 2 nights of lodging in Mendoza (Hotel****)
• 1 night of lodging in Penitentes (dinner included).
• All the transfers in private vans.
• Mule transportation of the equipment.
• All the meals during the expedition (except in Mendoza).
• Bilingual Professional Mountain Guide.
• All shared equipment for the expedition (tents, stoves, etc.).
• Complete base camp services (meals, accommodation, etc.).
• Permanent VHF radio communication.
• First aids kits and pulse oximeter for daily updates during acclimatization progress.
• Medical oxygen.
• Assistance with climbing permit procedure.

• Aconcagua Park entrance fee.
• Personal porters.
• High altitude porters for common gear carries & personal porters.
• Any cost if the climber abandons the trip.
• Meals in Mendoza.
• Drinks in Mendoza and Penitentes.
• Personal gear, room services, laundry, beverages, phone communications and items of personal nature.
• Medications, ground or air evacuations, insurance liability, hospitalization or medication of any kind.
• Any other service not mentioned in this condition sheet.

Extra details


USD 3.650 per person (base 3 clients)

Spots of interest

Starting point

Arrival in Mendoza, transfer airport-hotel lodging. Assistance with climbing permit procedure. After lunch, we will have an equipment check and briefing for the climb. Hotel****.

Mendoza – Penitentes

Transfer in private vehicles from Mendoza to Penitentes where the group will spend the night. Hotel Ayelen / Dinner (without drinks).

Penitentes РPampa de Le̱a (2950m)

We will drive from Penitentes to Vacas Valley entry, where the approach begins. Around 4 hours later we´ll be arriving to Pampa de Leñas, our first trekking camp. Tents /Asado.

Pampa de Le̱a РCasa de Piedra (3240m)

We continue hiking up the Vaca’s River, 11 miles to the Camp Casa de Piedra. There we may receive our first view of Aconcagua perched at the head of the Relinchos Valley. Tents /Asado.

Casa de Piedra – Plaza Argentina (4200)

After a 5-6 hours hike we arrive at our base camp, Plaza Argentina. Tents / Camp services.

Plaza Argentina BC (4200m)

Rest day in Plaza Argentina. Medical Check. Tents / Camp services.

BC – Camp 1 (4800m) – BC

Equipment carrying to camp 1 and return to base camp. Tents / Camp services.

Plaza Argentina

Rest day in Plaza Argentina. Medical Check. Tents / Camp services.

Plaza Argentina – Camp 1 (4800m)

Move up to the Camp 1 where we will spend the night. Tents / Meals.

Camp 1 – Camp 2 (5350m) – Camp 1

Equipment carrying to camp 2 and return to camp 1. Tents / Meals.

Camp 1 – Camp 2 (5350m)

Move to camp 2, Chopper Camp on the Guanacos valley side. Tents / Meals.

Camp 2

Rest day in Camp 2. Tents / Meals.

Camp 2 – Camp Colera (6000m)

We move to Camp 3. The Polish Traverse crosses north and west on slopes up to 35 degrees and joins the Normal Route at Camp Cólera. Rest and get ready for summit push. Tents / Meals.

Colera – Summit (6962m) – Colera

Summit day begins at 4:00 am. After breakfast we generally leave camp at 6:00 am and climb the North Ridge to Black rocks and finally to the Refugio Independencia. From there, we traverse the West Face and climb up into the Canaleta, a couloir that leads to the summit ridge. Finally, the Guanaco Ridge poses an easy traverse to the summit. On the top we have a spectacular 360° view. All around you will see the Andes Mountains, with several six thousands peaks, including another of the highest peaks in South America, Mercedario. To the west lies Chile and the Pacific Ocean, and to the east, the plains of Argentina. Tents/Meals.

Extra Summit day

Extra Summit day

Extra Summit day

Extra Summit day

Plaza de Mulas BC

We descend from high camp to Plaza de Mulas. Once at base camp we will relax and enjoy dinner. Tents / Camp services.

Plaza de Mulas – Horcones – Mendoza

Trek out from Plaza de Mulas. This walk takes approximately 6/7 hours to the park entrance at Horcones Valley, from where we will be driven to Mendoza by vehicle, after picking up our gear in Penitentes. Hotel**** (Mendoza).

Price per person

Group of 33650USD