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6-Day hiking program on the Julian Alps, Slovenia


If you are looking for a different hiking experience this summer, Slovenia is a perfect option! Join me for a 6-day program near the beautiful village of Kranjska Gora.

Over this week, we will be based in Kranjska Gora. Our accommodation will be at a hotel in the village. Over these 6 days, we will depart from the village on different hikes to great natural spots around this area, on the Julian Alps.

Some of the highlights we will reach on this hiking program are:

  • Vrsic pass

  • Mount Golica (1,835 m)

  • the Martuljek Waterfalls

  • the Gozd Martuljek village

  • the Alpine medow Jurezova planina

  • Vosca meadow

  • the Trupejevo poldne peak

  • Zeleznica

  • the Kresisce peak

A particularly impressive day will be Day 5. This day I will guide you across the famous Soča River Trail, from the Soča source toward Bovec. A particularly interesting sight is that of the picturesque footbridges that cross the river at several points.

Along the hikes, we will see amazing landscapes of the Julian Alps, like the peaks from Mala Mojstrovka to Jalovec.

On some days, we will have lunch on different mountain huts according to the itinerary. Other days we will pack our lunch.

Groups for this program are between 4 and 8. Hikers will need to be fit in order to be able to go hiking between 6 and 8 hours each day.

Among the equipment items you will need a 35-40 liters backpack, mountaineering boots, and telescopic poles.

Interested in this 6-Day hiking program, Slovenia? Request your booking for this next season! If you are interested in shorter programs in this area of Slovenia, check out my Rock climbing day for beginners in Mala Mojstrovska, and Via Ferrata Hvadnik programs.


Day 1: Kranjska Gora - Slemenova Špica

  • Transfer from Kranjska Gora to Vrsic pass – Distance: 12km

  • Walk up to the Vratca saddle

  • Continue under the north face of Mala Mostrovka to Slemenova Spica peak

  • Descent to Vrsic pass

  • Transfer back to the hotel in Kranjska Gora

  • Total activity time: 4 hours

  • Total climbing: 300 m ascent, 300 descent

Day 2: Kranjska Gora - Mount Golica

  • Transfer from Kranjska Gora to Planina pod Golico village – Distance: 27 km

  • Trek across the woods to Golica mountain hut

  • Arrival to Golica hut

  • Descent to Planina pod Golico village

  • Transfer back to hotel in Kranjska Gora

  • Total activity time: 8.30 hours // Walking time: 6.30 hours

Day 3: Kranjska Gora - Martuljek Waterfalls

  • Walk from Kranjska Gora to Mahovje

  • Visit to the Second Martuljek waterfall

  • Descent to the Ingo timber hut

  • Descent by the First Martuljek waterfall to the Gozd Martuljek village

  • Transfer from Gozd Martuljek back to Kranjska Gora – Distance: 4 km

  • Total activity time: 8 hours

  • Total climbing: 700 m ascent, 700 m descent

Day 4: Kranjska Gora - Karavanke Alps - Trupejevo Poldne Peak

  • Transfer from Kranjska Gora to Karavanke

  • Walk up from Jurezova planina to Vosca meadow

  • Follow the ridge to Trupejevo poldne peak

  • Descent to Zeleznica

  • Transfer back to the hotel in Kranjska Gora

  • Total activity time: 6 hours

  • Total climbing: 500 m ascent, 500 m descent

Day 5: Kranjska Gora - Soca Trail

  • Transfer from Kranjska Gora to the Trenta source of Soca river

  • Arrival at Bovec

  • Transfer back to the hotel in Kranjska Gora

  • Total activity time: 8 hours

  • Total climbing: 400 m ascent, 400 m descent

Day 6: Kranjska Gora - Vrata Valley

  • Transfer from Kranjska Gora to Peričnik waterfall

  • Hike across the Vrata valley

  • Walk up tu Luknja saddle under the Triglav North Face

  • Lunch in the Aljazev dom hut

  • Transfer back to the hotel in Kranjska Gora

  • Total activity time: 8 hours

  • Total climbing: 600 m ascent, 600 m descent




Hotel in Kranjska Gora

Meeting point

Julijana Agency in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia


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