8-day guided ski mountaineering in the Bernese Alps

The Bernese Alps provide the best terrain for ski mountaineering adventurers. David, an IFMGA certified mountain guide, will assure you an unforgettable experience in Switzerland!

8 days
Apr, May


The Berner Oberland, in the higher part of the canton of Bern, Switzerland, is a UNESCO world heritage site renowned for it large glaciers and iconic summits. I invite you to join me in this 8-day program in the Bernese Alps, which includes 6 days ski touring. You will not regret it!

Located just south of Grindelwald, this part of the Bernese Alps is home to the famous Eiger north face.

This mountain chains offer the most extensive glaciations in the Alps and, at the same time, consistently deep snowpack. The altitude of the peaks make them iconic and impressively aesthetic. It is a perfect spot for ski touring and ski mountaineering.

This trip is ideal for ski tourers with intermediate to advanced experience. Prior experience with me helps you anticipate the difficulty and style of the program. Please contact me to discuss your background.

So, are you ready to join me in this one week tour through iconic summits in the Bernese Alps? Do not hesitate to contact me.

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Day 1: Briefing and equipment check.

Meet me for trip briefing, equipment check and dinner. We will spend the night in a Grindelwald Hotel.

Day 2: Jungfraujoch - Hollandia Hutte

Train to Jungfraujoch (3500m). ski down to 3200 meters on the JungfrauFirn, up to Touriohorn NE face (3700m), down Kran Berfirn to Grosser Aletsch Firn (2800m), then up to Hollandia Hutte (3240m).

Day 3: Abeni Flue - Concordia Hutte

Up the Abeniflue Firn to Abeni Flue (3950m). Ski down to Grosser Aletshfirn to Concordia Hutte (2850m).

Day 4: Gross Grunhorn - Finsteraarhorn Hut

Up the Gross Grunhorn (4060m), then continue over to the Finsteraarhorn Hut (3050m).

Day 5: Agassizhorn or Finterarhorn

Climb Agassizhorn (3900m), or Finterarhorn (4300m), and ski back to Finsteraarhorn Hutte.

Day 6: Gross Wannenherd and/or Wysnollen

Climb Gross Wannenherd (3950m) and/or Wysnollen (3600m), then back to Finsteraarhorn Hutte.