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Altai Mountains Ski Touring, 15 days, China and Mongolia


* Spend 15 days skiing on the peaks of the Altai mountains.

* Spend several nights in different local villages.

* Gaze at the scenery of the wild region on the border between China and Mongolia.


Remote, beautiful, spectacular. Those are just a few of the words you can associate with the Altai mountains. And for 15 days, I would like to guide you on a ski touring trip where you will get to enjoy many fantastic descents in this magical collection of sky scraping peaks.

Located on the border between China and Mongolia, the Altai mountains have a rich history. In fact, people have been ski mountaineering on these peaks for thousands of years. It is a long tradition, and one that you can be a part of on this trip.

Another wonderful aspect of this trip is that you will get to spend time in a number of local villages. Within those villages, while you are heating up and eating some delicious local cuisine, you will get to learn about and immerse yourself in the amazing culture.

Some of the villages we will be visiting include Hemut, Buerjin and Altai. You will also get to spend some time in the city of Urumqi as well.

Due to the wild nature of the peaks and slopes of the Altai range, it is important that participants have prior ski touring experience. You should also be in good physical condition.

If you would like to visit a gorgeous, isolated and mythical place, the Altai mountains, between China and Mongolia, is the place to go. And when you add the skiing to the wonderful people and places, this 15 day trip will amaze you in every way. To be a part of it, just send me a request.

I can also take you ski touring in the equally magical Zanskar region of India on this 20 day trip.


Day 1 to 2: Flight from France to Urumqi via Handzou

You will fly from France to Urumqi via Handzou. When you arrive, you will spend the night in a hotel in the city center.

Day 3 to 4: Urumqi - Village of Hemut

We will take a 4×4 truck ride from Urumqi to the village of Hemut, where we will spend the night in a guesthouse. Along the way you will get to visit the villages of Buerjin and Altai.

Day 5 to 12: Ski Touring in the Altai mountains

We will spend the next week ski touring in various spots in the Altai mountains. During the evenings we will return to and rest in the local villages.

Day 13 to 14: Village of Hemut - Urumqi

We will return to Urumqi, where you will spend the night, and where you will also get to visit the silk road museum and discover many artifacts from the Taklamakan desert.

Day 14 to 15: Flight back to France



More info

Participants should bring the following items with them: 30/35 liter backpack, skis, skin, ski boots, poles, 1 sleeping bag, 1 self inflating mattress, 2-3 pairs of socks, goretex, waterproof pants, 2-3 breathable t-shirts, 1 fleece jacket and waterproof jacket, 1 hat, 1 pair of thermal gloves, 1 pair of fleece gloves, thermos, blanket, head lamp with new batteries, glasses, sun screen, lip balm, personal items and a camera.

Meeting point

Paris airport, where we will catch the flight to Urumqi.

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