Avalanche Training AST-1 in Murdochville

Avalanche Training AST-1 in Murdochville, in the Chic-Choc Mountains. This course aims to provide a basic protocol for decision making in any backcountry adventure.




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    An avalanche safety course is the basis for any adventure in the back country whatsoever snowshoeing, cross country skiing, freeride or alpine touring. The training of the Canadian Avalanche Centre are intended for that you can make better decisions in the hinterland. CSA 1 is accessible to all and is a prerequisite to follow the CSA 2.

    New: the course can be given as follows: the theory is given in Montreal in three evenings from 18:30 to 21:30 and the course is completed with a field day on Saturday.

    on demand.

    CSA 1: $ 225 + tx
    Freeride (CSA 1 and 2) $ 595 + tx

    Included: Avaluator, booklet of the course completion certificate

    Not included: accommodation, ski tickets (if necessary), right to access, food, transportation, avalanche safety equipment (shovel, probe, DVA / transceiver), personal equipment

    Prerequisites: Open to all

    Reservations: contact us

    CSA 1 course is the first course of avalanches in the recreational and professional progression. This is the basic avalanche safety that every adventurer (AD) of the hinterland in the winter must follow. Whether snowshoeing, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding and telemarking courses applies to all these means of movement and focuses on demystifying the phenomenon are the avalanche and mountain environment in winter.

    This course will address the following questions: What is the avalanche terrain? How can I avoid it? What are the steps to determine if there is a risk of avalanches? What should I do if I or my companions’re taken by an avalanche? After this course, are my ways to learn more? Neve is unique in integrating this course this course to a ski trip in Western Canada.

    This course aims to provide a basic protocol for decision making.

    It is:
    • Based on the most advanced knowledge available;
    • Suitable for those with some experience.
    In addition, this course:
    • Provided the required fields necessary for further avalanche training;
    • introduce and promeus the Avalanche Safety Advanced Course (CSA 2), which is the logical continuation to improve its ability to take decisions.


    At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
    • Understand the basics of training and triggered an avalanche;
    • To identify avalanche terrain;
    • Understand the steps to plan and execute a trip;
    • Use Avaluator ™, a decision-making tool working in an environment that uses the terrain exposure scale and where there is snow bulletin;
    • Use resources to classify the field as exposure, if that is not already listed;
    • Use the resources to get a snow bulletin.
    • Use proper techniques of travel in avalanche terrain.
    • Perform a self-rescue.
    • Understand the limitations of their knowledge.

    Please contact me if you are interested in doing this avalanche training, in order to go safer whenever you go out skiing!

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      The price does not include 5% GST.


      CSA 1: $225 + GST

      Freeride (CSA 1 and 2) $595 + GST

      From Québec by car: 6 hours 30 mins.

      From Québec by plane: 1 hour 25 mins to Gaspe, then drive 1 hour and 35 mins to Murdochville.


      About the Guide


      It is at the Manoir du Lac-Sainte-Marguerite in Lucerne in the Laurentians north of Montreal where Philip in his first memory of old slides in 1986. Armed rental skis bought at the end of the season is great family adventure in winter sports. The station closed doors and the family migrated magestueux Mont Christi few winters. Another closure and the family is on the slopes of Mount Owls Head.C'est on these flanks Philip discovers the atmosphere of the ski race. It's really thanks to this team atmosphere that Philip survives a Bachelor of Administration at HEC Montreal where he gets entrepreneurship award. He then trained as avalanche forecaster and as a ski guide in western Canada. He goes skiing during the months of summers since 2001 in South America. More snow and skiing, it's the people that motivate Philippe.

      Heliski guide, hiking and alpine ski mountaineering, British Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Quebec.
      Professional Course instructor for the Canadian Avalanche Association Avalanche.
      More than 12 years of experience in the Chilean and Argentine Andes.
      Production consultant for research and logisitique Adventurer Alpine since 2010. (Series: South America, Western Canada and participating in Europe)
      Development, production and field logistics for US television projects in remote areas (Expedition Impossible - Morocco 2010, 72hrs - Tasmania 2012).

      Avalanche forecaster the Centre of Haute Gaspésie 2005-2010.
      Research and writing of alpine touring itineraries guide in the Chic-Chocs in the work as a forecaster at the center of Haute-Gaspésie Avalanche.



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