• Trip duration
    4 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    8 people
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Jan, Feb, Mar


Join me on a tent based backcountry ski trip on Mt Teshiodake!

Mt Teshiodake is a part of Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, in the vicinity of Mt Asahidake and is blessed with best quality as well as top quantity of snow in Japan.

Highlights of this trip:
– While ski areas nearby are more and more populated with backcountry skiers, this area is still not acessed as much due to its remoteness, being located deep into the mountains. We are able to access this area by setting up a tent base camp near the foot of Mt Teshiodake.
– Enjoy ski or snowboard descents of open powder slopes with no other people in sight, leaving your undisturbed tracks on the white canvass.
– The vertical descent from the summit of Mt Teshiodake is 700m and you can ski/snowboard all the way down!
– There are also powder tree runs to diversify your backcountry experience.
– At the end of each day, you’ll be able to spend some special time with your friends and other members of the group in a cosy tent setting.

Required Technical / Fitness Levels:
– Proficient in skinning. Being able to put crampons on and safely walk with them.
– Being able to ski an ungroomed steep slope of 40 degrees in a safe and stable manner.
– Have an experience in camping or have an interest in it.
– Be able to hike up 3-4 hours per day whilst carrying a day pack full of day gears.
– Be able to walk on hiking routes for 2 hours with 20-25kg backpack with camping gears.
– Have sufficient experience in backcountry skiing or snowboarding and is proficient in being in winter snow mountains.

JPY 100,000 per person (for group size of 3-5)
JPY 80,000 per person (for group size of 6-8)

Included in Price:-
Guide Fee, Shared Equipment Cost, Food during camping.

Excluded from Price:-
Lunch, snacks and any alcoholic beverages

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Meet at Shinchitose Airport and drive to mountain trail entrance. Hike to Base Camp (BC) at approximate altitude 663m and set up tents. 2 hours activity.

Day 2: Depart BC to head to the summit of Mt Teshiodake (1,558m). Ski descent of south east face and back to BC via Ichinosawa. 7 hours activity hours.
Take day sack, avalanche safety gears (beacon, shovel, probe), water, snacks, emergency kit etc.

Day 3: Depart BC and enjoy backcountry skiing in the area for whole day. 7 hours activity hours.

Day 4: Backcountry skiing in areas near the BC in the morning. Clean and disassemble BC at around 11am to head back. Enjoy and cleanse ourselves at an Onsen on the way back. Drive you back to Shinchitose Airport by around 6pm.

The aim is to offer you a customised trip so please contact me with your requirements if you have different number of days available, if there are specific areas you wanted to ski in, if you had any objectives or peaks you wanted to ski from etc.

Just to give you some ideas, you can combine the above sample itinerary with my other programmes:
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1. 2-days Ski Touring in Harukayama
2. 4-days Hokkaido Powder Hunting
3. 5-days Powder Trip in Asahikawa and Furano Areas

Kit List:

  • Ski gears (skis, boots, skins, avalanche safety gears)
  • Crampons
  • 70-80l backpack
  • Winter Sleeping Bag (-20c to -25c, or -15c but to be used with down jacket)
  • Sleeping mat
  • Sleeping bag cover
  • Down tent shoes / booties
  • Ski wears
  • Down jacket
  • Balaclava
  • Sunglasses
  • Head torch
  • Spare batteries
  • Spare underwears top and bottom
  • Spare socks
  • Bowl / Cutleries (Plate, bowl, Chopsticks, Cutleries e.g. spork for 2 meals, can be disposable)
  • water bottle (at least 1l)
  • Thermos (0.5-1l)
  • Day sack that you use for normal backcountry skiing
  • lunches on the mountain and snacks
  • face towel
  • hat
  • fleece lined gloves
  • camera
  • Stuff sac / Thick plastic bag used for content organisation inside tent
  • Emergency kit (emergency bivvy sack, hand warmers, some snacks)
  • travel insurance
  • Other personal items

Price per person

Group of 3100000JPY
Group of 4100000JPY
Group of 5100000JPY
Group of 680000JPY
Group of 780000JPY
Group of 880000JPY



We will set up a base camp with tents that I provide

More info

Climate: Day light hours in Hokkaido during Jan - Feb is Sunrise at 6:30 / 7am and Sunset at 4:30 / 5pm. Temperatures: Niseko, Otaru, Sapporo Area - Average daily low at -8c in Jan/Feb. In the mountains, -10c to -15c. Asahidake, Tokachidake, Teshiodake Area - Very cold in Jan/Feb. Even in Asahikawa City, the average daily low is around -13c and in the mountains it could be as low as or lower than -25c. In both regions, the number of sunny days are very limited. In general, there are more than 25 days of snow in a month.