• Trip duration
    5 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    3 people
  • Mountain range
    Rila Mountains
  • Best period
    Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec


Join me in this perfect ski course trip to the snowy backcountry of Bulgaria! You will spend time in the insides of this amazing landscape while learning basic concepts which have to do with skiing.

The Free Mountains Association is a NGO which offers different courses for winter sports -such as skiing and snowboarding- fanatics.

This training will take part in the backcountry parts of the Rila and Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria.

By attending these off-piste courses you will learn more about how to stay safe. Also, you will acquire the knowledge to enjoy the mountain’s backcountry.

Among the courses you can choose to attend are:

  • Avalanche Safety Course: it is a 2-day training which will provide you with a firm foundation of skills and knowledge on staying safe off-piste. We will discuss topics such as, why avalanches occur, reduction of risk and easy rescue techniques which will include the use of safety equipment.
  • “Choice of a Route in the Backcountry” course: by attending this course the knowledge you will acquire is related to how to ski up, how to decide which is the best route for skiing up and, lastly, skiing down.
  • Navigation and Orientation course: this course has the aim of teaching you how to use a map and a compass so as to avoid getting lost in bad climate conditions.
  • Alpine Techniques course: it is a 2-day training which will give you the knowledge on how to deal with technical ground when ascending and descending the mountains. In addition, you will receive information about the use of alpine tools such as ice axes, ropes, crampons and harnesses.

In order to participate of these courses you must demonstrate a good snowboarding/skiing level.

And, more importantly, to be in optimal physical conditions which allow you to tour on skis for up to 4 hours a day.

So, go ahead and adventure yourself by taking part of these courses on skis. You will receive ski training which you will always remember. I’ll be waiting for your contact; it will be a great pleasure to be your mountain guide and trainer in the snowy landscapes of Bulgaria.


Price per person

Group of 3512EUR

Price includes

  • Guiding fee

Other details

More info

Necessary equipment:
-skis with touring bindings/splitboard/snowshoes, skins
-avalanche safety set (shovel, probe and beacon)
-crampons for skis
-crampons for ski boots, ice axe (depending on the chosen route),
harness (available for free)

Avalanche safety set (shovel, probe, beacon) - 20 lv per day
Snowshoes and poles - 25 lv per day