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Chile Volcanoes, 8 Day Guided Splitboarding Tour


The landscape of Chile is famous for a number of things, least of all its assortment of incredible volcanoes. And over the course of 8 exciting days, we would like to guide you on a skiing and splitboarding tour through a number of them.

While this trip is definitely a rustic journey through the wilderness of Chile, which you will get to enjoy with the aid of horses by the way, it is also exceptionally comfortable as well. The lodgings you will get to enjoy are wonderful in every way. Every evening, after a long day’s worth of splitboarding and skiing, you will get to sleep in a soft bed. And the food you will get to eat throughout the trip will be a series of delicious, local Chilean dishes that will leave your mouth watering. You will also get to enjoy some wonderful local wine as well. And not to be outdone, at the end of many of the days, you will have the chance to sooth your tired muscles in the warm water of a natural hot spring!

When it comes to the skiing and splitboarding days, you will not be disappointed. Every day will be a new experience, as many of the days will involve a different volcano!

The volcanoes you will get to explore and descend include the following:

  • Casablanca (2,240m)

  • Puyehue (2,236m)

  • Villarica (2,847m)

  • Osorno (2,652m)

In order to participate on this trip, you should be in excellent physical condition. You should also be able to ride on black diamond runs as well.

If you have ever wanted to go volcano hopping in the South America, while enjoying all of the comforts of a luxury vacation, along with fantastic descents, then send me a request and join me on this 8 day tour here in Chile. 

I can also lead you on this week long splitboarding tour through the Puyehue National park in Chile as well.



Comfortable cabanas and refugios.

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10 day trip (5 volcanoes): US $3500

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