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The Balaitous or Pico Moros is the first 3.000-meter summit you see coming from the Atlantic Ocean. It is an alpine massif with 7 different mountain ridges. They give The Balaitous an amazing landscape and a hard climbing level.

The first mountaineers who climbed that peak was Durand and Latou in 1873. From that moment on, French and Spanish geodetic technicians used this summit to set up their own base camps. From there, they watched and made measurements with the objective of mapping all the area.

The Balaitous, The Palas and The Arriel constitute a trident worth visiting. There are many ascent routes leading to Balaitous. All of them are relatively easy although its terrains are varied because of the altitude change. The Respoumoso route is the most visited, but we can also ascent through the glacial lakes of Arriel and The Great Diagonal. Another ascent option is through The Neus Glacier from Azun Valley.

We will meet in a place previously arranged with you. From the Spanish side the trailhead starts in La Sarra parking, near Sallent de Gallego. Then, we can choose to go by the lakes of Arriel or by the Respoumuso Hut.

Ascent by The Sarra Route (Sallent de Gallego)

The most common route from Spain is the one that crosses The Respoumuso Hut, accessing the gap La Tour. However, we have to use our hands on the way to the summit. There is a sustained pass where the hands and the subjection will be totally obligatory. The La Tour  gap is undoubtedly very interesting and affordable to anyone accustomed to move freely in granitic terrain. All you have to do is let the route guide you and enjoy the Pyrenees high mountains.

We reach up to the Respoumuso Hut at 2.133 meters across varied terrains. The different rocky shapes will make us roll and climb and we’ll be at the snowfield before La Tour gap. Finally, an easy and permanent climb with the help of ropes, will lead us to the summit.

Physical and technical level of participants:

Apart form the altitude change, The Balaitous is characterized by being a challenge for climbers. Although its trails are very accessible, they have different grades of difficulty making us use our hands more than once.

It is an ascent without big technical difficulties, but it requires a good physical condition and a habit of moving in high mountain and rocky surfaces.

This expedition can be done in 1 day or you can ask for an optional extension. I have scheduled dates during all the year so contact me right now and let’s plan your next climb in The Pyrenees Balaitous – Pico Moros. 

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