• Trip duration
    1+ day
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep


About Mountain:
Mount Elbrus is one of well known “Seven Summits” peak, as Europe’s highest peak. Many route options are good both beginner and advanced climbers .
Also Elbrus slopes are the best for ski ascent/descent (at Spring possible to ski touring from 2500 till the TOP 5642 and back)! Biggest glaciers keep perfect snow conditions during all Summer!

About routes:
There are 3 classic routes I provide to reach Mount Elbrus:
1. From the South – classic route (PD grade) with good infrastructure as hotels, huts, cable ways till 3800m and snowcat (rutrack) support till 5000m, but in season it’s crowdy. This is fastest way to climb.

2. From the North – First Ascent route(PD grade). It’s less adapted way without mechanaized infrostructure. I could say it’s wild so may be more interesting. This way also have good infrastructure with good base camp at 2500m and high camp with shelter 3800m.
Best option for ski descent!

3. From the West side of Elbrus. The climbing way from the West is little bit more difficulty(PD+) as the way from South and North, there is a 8-10 pitches steep ice spot for a fixed rope and need 3 intermediate tent camps 3600m, 4000m and 4600m.
Most technically interesting and wild route!

***By request I can organise any mix of this program (example travers South-North or West-South) or any other privat program at your dates. Discounts for organised groups and tour leaders!***

About price:
All prices I calculate individualy and it depends at service included in, duration and group size! To clear imagine – all programs have about same price per person – 100Euro per day (so for 8 days – 800 euro, for 10days – 1000euro aprox).
For some trips I have fixed guaranty dates(specify by request) with fixed lowest price:
Elbrus South 8-days 700 euro
Elbrus North 9-days 800 euro
So you can join this group by lowest price even if you are alone!

About service:
All programs have all included necessary service from airport MinVody and back. But by request I can change some points. For example add more comfortable accomodation at 3900m or cancel cook service to reduce final price etc.

Feel free to contact me for more information!

Extra details


Ski Touring – from April till June
Climbing – from June till October


Mountain guide during all the program
Guide-client ratio:
South and North route – extra guide per each 6 clients at summit day
West routes – extra guide per each 3 clients at summit day


Flights to / from MinVody airport;
Expense not accordaing with a program;
Extra guides at summit days;
Personal expenses, alcohol;
Visa costs.


All necessary transfers required for carrying out the trip;
Accommodation according to the program:
Full board throughout the trip, excluding farewell dinner;
Mountain guide;
Cook in the huts;
Russian visa invitation.


Comfortable van (size depends at group)


3 meals per day (breakfast-lunch pocket-dinner)


– Hotel in City and valley (DBL rooms)
– tent (1 per 3 person) or common rooms in mountain hut


From 700€ per person

Price per person

1 Person100EUR


More info

Price: I calculate all prices individually and it depends on the services included, duration and group size! To get an idea - all programs have about the same price per person - 100€ per day (so for 8 days - 800€, for 10days - 1000€ aprox). For some trips I have fixed guaranty dates (specify by request) with fixed lowest price: Elbrus South 8-days 700€ Elbrus North 9-days 800€ So you can join this group at a lower price even if you are alone!