• Trip duration
    2 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    1 person
  • Mountain range
  • Best period


Climbing Mount Eiger, Bernese Alps

The development of modern equipment and techniques allowed to approach the great alpine routes with greater serenity and pleasure. With “Friends”, “Nomics”, and light equipment, climbs became safer and faster. No more large bags, uncomfortable bivouacs and precarious belaying.

So, large mythical trips of the past have become great classics that alpinists relish when conditions are good. A must for all those who dream of reliving history and run the wild and beautiful mountains on the footsteps of the great climbers of the past.

Among all these legendary courses, I particularly like some … Mount Eiger by its north face is one of them.

The classical way Heckmair. 1800m ED. The dream of a lifetime, today one of the finest sides to climb. A splendid climbing, historical passages and abundant belay make this route major.

If you are interested by this adventure and/or if you have other projects in mind, such as: Matterhorn, Weissmis, Dent Blanche, Aiguilles du Diable, Mont Blanc I invite you to contact me. We will take time to discuss and define together a project which you would like to achieve, taking into account your abilities.

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