trip duration TRIP DURATION
7 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period BEST PERIOD
Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP


I invite you to a 7-day trek around some of the most beautiful spots near Bariloche, in North Patagonia.

This trekking begins in Colonia Suiza, a small farmers village close to Bariloche. Once there, we’ll trek to Pampa Linda in Nahuel Huapi National Park, on the foot of the sleeping volcano Cerro Tronador (3430 m).

During the trip, we will walk along deep blue Laguna’s, green valleys covered with rainforests and also see some impressive granite walls.

Meanwhile, we’ll stay in Patagonian mountain huts for 2 nights, camp in tents for 3 nights and spend one night in the mountain hotel at Pampa Linda. We’ll make sure our camp spots are next to the laguna’s, so we can take a relaxing bath after a trekking day.

Here are some of the reasons I particularly enjoy this trek:

– The views all along the way are breathtaking, especially on Laguna Negra, Tronador and the Nahuel Huapi National Park.
– The atmosphere in the mountain huts is very relaxed, welcoming, and peaceful.
– We can swim in the beautiful lakes after a long day of walk, to relax our body.
– The places are very wild, so you can feel in contact with real nature!

It’s worth mentioning this is a demanding trip, that requires good physical fitness and preparation. You will need to have good endurance, balance, and agility, in order to feel comfortable through the days.

On the other hand, weather and extreme temperatures can entail hazards we must be prepared to manage.

If you want to know the details about this adventure, you can find the day to day itinerary and program below.

If you are interested in this fantastic hike near Bariloche, I invite you to get in touch with me. We can plan together this great adventure to the wild Patagonia.


Day 1

Meeting together in Bariloche.

Dinner and night at hotel in Bariloche.

Day 2

From Colonia Suiza to Refugio Italia, Laguna Negra

From Colonia Suiza we follow the Goye River and reach the Laguna Negra  hut passing through a typical Coyhues forest. Night at Laguna Negra (1650m) mountain hut.
– Total ascent: 800m
– Total distance: 14km

Day 3

From Laguna Negra to Laguna CAB

We leave Laguna Negra behind us and begin the climb to Cerro Negro and further towards Baileys Willis Mountain.

Here there are great views of Cerro Tronador and Nahuel Huapi lake.  

We spend night in our tent next to the Laguna CAB.
– Total ascent: 650m
– Total descent: 700m
– Distance: 12km

Day 4

From Laguna CAB to Laguna Azul

We will pass Laguna Creton and Laguna Azul, which are surrounded by giant granit walls

We spend the night in our tent at Laguna Azul.

– Total ascent: 1029m
– Total descent: 864m
– Distance: 13km

Day 5

Laguna Azul – Laguna Ilon

We are getting closer and closer to the glacier covered Cerro Tronador as we walk over a saddle between Cerro Capitan and Cerro Punta Negra.

Our goal for today is reaching Laguna Ilon with it’s sandy beach.

We spend the night in our tents.
– Total ascent: 350m
– Total descent: 700m
– Distance: 17 km

Day 6

Laguna Ilon – Pampa Linda

We might want to take a bath in the Laguna before our hike down to Pampa Linda. After the check-in in the mountain Hotel Pampa Linda we can relax and enjoy the nice scenery.

We spend the night at the Hotel Pampa Linda.
– Total descent: 800m
– Total distance: 12.1 km

Day 7

Pampa Linda – Refugio Roca

A beautiful part of the Nahuel Huapi National Park awaits us today as we walk up to the Viento Pass. Here we are surrounded by beautiful glaciers.

Night at the Rerugio Roca mountain hut.
– Total ascent: 710m
– Total distance: 14.3 km

Day 8

Refugio Roca – Lago Frias – Bariloche

We walk down to Lago Frias and back to Bariloche by boat.
– Total descent: 782m
– Total distance: 14.5 km

Price per person

1 Person3150USD
Group of 23962USD
Group of 34625USD
Group of 45632USD
Group of 88312USD

Other details

Meeting point



-Mountain huts for 2 nights,
-Camp in tents for 3 nights
-One night in the mountain hotel at Pampa Linda.

More info

Although we can carry our belongings in our bag backs, there's an optional offer of taking a "porter" with us to help us carry our material.