Day hike to the Poás Volcano (Alajuela), near San Jose

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Day hike to the Poás Volcano (Alajuela), near San Jose

Let one of our certified guides take you on this private trip to the Poas Volcano. Explore this natural wonder near San José, Costa Rica.

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  • Explore the magnificent Poás Volcano near San José.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of this beautiful place.
  • Join one of our expert guides on this adventure.


Costa Rica is full of gorgeous, active volcanoes. And for a full day, we would like to take you on a trek to one of the finest and most popular volcanoes in the area, the Poas volcano (2,708m), near San Jose.

Located an approximately one and a half hour drive from San Jose, in the Alajuela district, the Poas Volcano is positioned in the amazing national park that bears the same name as the volcano. Along with the gorgeous volcano, during this trekking adventure you will also get to see the breathtaking natural beauty of the park.

Perhaps the most amazing highlight of the Poas Volcano is its enormous, distinct crater. Stretching approximately one mile across and 1,050 feet deep, the enormity of the crater makes the Poas volcano the largest open volcano in the world. Furthermore, the crater is has two small lakes at the bottom, created by rainwater. A unique aspect of these lakes is that one is highly volatile, while the other is not. Hence adding even more intrigue to this already stunningly original volcano.

The hike is not overtly difficult. However, the terrain can be wild at times. And there are instances of high winds the closer to the peak you get. As a result, some prior hiking experience is a plus, and you should be in good physical condition.

Exploring a volcano as incredible and unique as the Poas Volcano in Costa Rica is an amazing opportunity. If you would like to seize that opportunity, just send us a request.

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