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Faluno di Pruno, Tuscany, Guided Rock Climbing


There are many amazing places to rock climb in Tuscany. And on this trip, you will have the chance to scale the cliffs of Faluno di Pruno. This area is not only a great place for rock climbing, but it is also stunning to see and admire.

For the purpose of this full day trip, we will lead all participants on a private course that will focus on the basics of rock climbing. We believe that for anybody who has an interest in rock climbing, like any other challenging activity, it is crucial to know the basics. It is only after a person knows the basics that they can, and should, safely move on to the next step.

This trip will begin at Camaiore at 9 o'clock in the morning. From there, we will take a brief car ride to the cliffs of Faluno di Pruno. The approach to the cliffs will be short and easy, as we make our way along a simple path. Once we reach the cliffs, the course will begin.

The course will cover several items. Some examples include proper nutrition, equipment details, and basic rock climbing techniques. After that, we will begin rock climbing. The climbing part of the course will be safe and expertly supervised. The course will conclude in the late afternoon, so you will be able to return to your home, or hotel, right in time for dinner.

The cliffs in the Faluno di Pruno area of Tuscany are marvellous. They also present the perfect opportunity for anybody who is interested in rock climbing to learn the important basics. So if you are interested, just send us a request. We look forward to being your guide.

We also offer another basic, private, full day Tuscan rock climbing course in the Falesia de Monsummano.


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Participants should also bring a waterproof jacket, long trousers, hat, backpack, lunch and plenty of water with them.

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