• Trip duration
    1 day
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    1 person
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct


Canyoning is one of the funniest outdoor activities. It is usually done in the mountains. We do down the bed of a river or a canyon, usually with water. We go walking, abseiling, swimming and sometimes, jumping into natural pools.


Canyoning should be done together with a certified guide since there might be risks. Also, the expert knows the right spots and the best ways to go down the canyons.
There are different types of canyons, for people with different levels:

– Level I: Low difficulty and short abseiling.
– Level II: Medium difficulty. Longer and more complicated abseiling parts. Larger swimming areas with more destrepes.
– Level III: High difficulty. You will need experience to do them!

I guide canyoning tours in different areas:

– Pyrenees: We can find there canyons of different levels. In Valle de Hecho, Aragón, Tena, and Benasque Ordesa.
* Level I: Escarilla and others.
* Level II: Hospital, Hellmouth, Gorgol, Furco, Gloces, Yesa, etc.

– Sierra de Guara: one of the best places on earth for canyoning, with many options to choose from.
* Level II: Rio Vero, Formiga, Dark of Balcés, Peonera, Basender, Fornocal, etc.
* Level III: Black Gorgas, Mascún Superior, Cueva Cabrito, etc.

Please get in touch with me if you come to the area and want to experience something new and funny. It is a great activity to do with your friends and/or your family, mixing different ages. It will be my pleasure to guide you there. I will take you to some of my secret canyons!

Extra details

Special offers

There are special prices for families, groups, activity and accommodation packages.

Included in the price

– Canyoning guide

– Technical material needed.

– First aid kit

– VAT.



* Level I: 34 € / person

* Level II: 43 € / person

* Level III: 49 € / person

In Sierra de Guara

* Level II: 50 € / person

* Level III: 60 € / person


– Personal: sneaker closed with laces or trekking boots, bathing suit and towel.

– Equipment that I will provide you with : boots, wetsuit, harness, lanyard, carabiner and descender, helmet.

Spots of interest

Canyoing in the Pyrenees and in Guara

Price per person

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  • Guiding fee