• Trip duration
    1 day
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    2 people
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct


Heli Assisted Mountaineering, (helicopter) is the most exquisite civilized way to experience the remote untouched wilderness. The coastal mountains of British Columbia are among the most beautiful in the world and among the hardest to access because of the thick coastal rainforest. The jungle like vegetation can all but stop progress. With the aid of a short Helicopter trip you can skip the painful slog to the Alpine. A crippling multi day hike can be replaced by a thrilling sight seeing trip to a deluxe Alpine Hut or Camp Location or simple 1 day trip. Bring all the comforts of home and I will provide high quality food to make it a trip of a life time.

1 day trip

8:00am Meet at Squamish Airport, sign waivers, heli briefing

8:20 Land near our desired climbing or hiking objective

9:00 – 4:00 Climb

4:00 Helicopter picks us up and we fly back to Squamish airport

3 day trip

Day 1: Meet at the Squamish airport at 800am to go through gear and the weekend’s plan. Fly the short Helicopter ride to Jim Haberl Hut in the Tantalus Range. Go out for a day of Mountaineering with the potential to climb a near by mountain after setting up at the hut.

Day 2: Set off to climb one of the classic mountains in the area. Objectives: Serratus, Alpha, Dione or Tantalus.

Day 3: Do it all again after a day of climbing and mountaineering to the summit of a mountain. Then call our helicopter and fly back to Squamish for dinner.


Heli Assisted Mountaineering is ideal for people wishing to maximize their time in the mountains. With many different objective possibilities we can accommodate beginner to very experienced climbers. From easy alpine walks to technical cutting edge rock and alpine routes.

Extra details

Not included

Travel to Squamish airport.
Mountain accommodation if applicable.


-Guide fee.
-Helicopter flights.
-Group equipment.


-1 day trip

CAD 1175 1:1 (guide : to guest)

CAD 610 2:1 (guide to guest)

-2 day trip

CAD 1750 1:1 (guide to guest)

CAD 890 2:1 (guide to guest)

-3 day trip

CAD 2240 per person 1:1 (guide : guest)

CAD 1230 per person 1:2 (guide : guest)

Price per person

1 Person1175CAD
Group of 2610CAD


More info

The price indicated is for 1 day. We can also leave for: - 2 days CAD 1750 1:1, CAD 890 2:1 - 3 days CAD 2240 1:1, CAD 1230 1:2