Hornstrandir nature reserve 6-day guided hike

Explore one of the most beautiful and remote places in Iceland, the Hornstrandir nature reserve. Let Runar, an experienced guide, show you the best parts of this wonderful place.




Trip Duration

6 days

People per Guide

4 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jun, Jul, Aug

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    There are few places on Earth that have preserved their beauty and wildlife. The Hornstrandir nature reserve is one of them. Join me on this adventure through this magical place in Iceland.

    One of the highlights of this trip is Hornvík. As one of the most remote areas in Iceland, it is only accessible by foot or boat. We will also trek across magnificent mountains and stunning fjords. And we’ll reach many secluded alcoves and charming valleys.

    Then, when we hike by the coastline, we’ll get to see the ocean’s power molding dazzling cliffs. We’ll see all the birds and creatures that inhabit those cliffs, like puffins and seals. And, once we reach the inland terrain, we’ll see wonderful patches of land brimming with ancient glaciers.

    We’ll depart from Ísafjörður, and board a ferry, which will be our vessel to many parts of our adventure. We will also navigate through the Atlastaðaós river. Then we’ll encounter old mountain passes that other curious animals like the arctic fox call home. And we will visit dazzling mountain lakes such as the Fljótsvatn lake.  

    Also, we’ll visit the abandoned village of Hesteyri where we will leave behind modernity and venture into a different world. Additionally we’ll explore a radar station, built in 1953 by the American army and now abandoned. Word out is the army couldn’t live in such a remote and harsh environment, or they simply never saw enemies here.

    Moreover this is an eco-friendly trip, so we’ll get to immerse into nature. Hence, it’s a self-sufficient, full-on backpacking journey. Thus, each participant will carry their own equipment. And each night will camp under a bed of the most marvellous stars you’ll ever see!

    If you want to join this adventure, send me a request. It would be my pleasure to guide you through this mesmerizing place. You can also check this day hike in Hornstrandir too.

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    Price per person

    Group of 1
    219000 ISK

    Group of 2
    219000 ISK

    Group of 3
    219000 ISK

    Group of 4
    219000 ISK

    Group of 5
    219000 ISK

    Group of 6
    219000 ISK

    Group of 7
    219000 ISK

    Group of 8
    219000 ISK


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
    • Accommodation
    • Transportation from your hotel/airport (if in area) to the start of the trip and back
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
     Price per person to join a group from 4 to 8 people.


    • Day 1Hesteyri

      After a short briefing, answering all questions and making the final preparations, we’ll depart in our passenger ferry. Then, we’ll head to Hesteyri to hike towards Hesteyrarskarð. Finally we’ll hike back to the sea level until we reach Látrar, where we’ll spend the night.

    • Day 2 Aðalvík-Atlastaðir

      We’ll begin our day hiking to Aðalvík. There we go to Straumnesfjall mountain to explore an American army abandoned radar station. After that we’ll cross the Atlastaðaós river. And we’ll arrive at Atlastaðir to spend the night.

    • Day 3Fljótsvatn lake- Búðir

      The day begins hiking near the Fljótsvatn lake. Then we’ll hike across some mountain passes so we can get to Hlöðuvík. And we’ll spend the night at Búðir. If you still have energies we can take an evening hike to Hælavík.

    • Day 4Hornvík

      Our day will start climbing up a steep slope towards the mountain ridge Skálakambur. There, we’ll follow stunning math marked with cairns until we get to the mountain pass of Atlaskarð (327m). Then we’ll trek around Mt. Kollur, from where we’ll head to Höfn in Hornvík, at the center of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.

    • Day 5Hornvík-Hornbjarg

      From Hornvík we’ll we’ll head to the Hornbjarg cliff. There, we’ll explore the Hornstrandir area. And we’ll return to Hornvík to camp there and get a good night sleep.

    • Day 6Veiðileysufjörður fjord-Meleyri

      We’ll start our day by hiking towards the Veiðileysufjörður fjord. Then we’ll cross the mountain range and descend back to the coast. We will hike along the beach until we reach Meleyri. There, a boat will pick us up to take us back to Ísafjörður.


    Next departures

    For private groups contact the guide
    Next datesInfo
    14/06/2020 to 19/06/2020
    28/06/2020 to 03/07/2020
    12/07/2020 to 17/07/2020
    26/07/2020 to 31/07/2020
    09/08/2020 to 14/08/2020

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    Meeting point

    Borea Adventures office on Aðalstræti 17. https://www.boreaadventures.com/about_borea/location/



    More info

    Remember that the idea is that the less we bring, the easier and smoother the trip will be. Here are some items we recommend you bring: Warm outdoor clothing including hiking pants and warm upper layers, avoid cotton as it keeps you cold when wet and takes a very long time to dry; waterproof jacket and pants; hiking boots. Please use waterproof high-top hiking boots, which provide ankle support; water shoes, as we cross many streams, a lake and walk through some wetlands. Make sure they are sturdy and are well secured; hat and gloves; a backpack. It needs to be around 50-60L. Big enough to carry all of your belongings, including your sleeping bag and your share of the food; sleeping bag rated to at least 0°C. Down is best since it packs smaller than synthetic; Sleeping mattress. A thin inflatable one is best as it easily fits inside the backpack; Personal medical kit i.e. band aids, throat lozenges, lip salves, seasickness tablets etc. Don't forget your personal medication, which you may need (e.g. Asthma inhaler, even if you don’t always need it); sunglasses; sunscreen and after-sun cream; Binoculars are nice to have for watching wildlife. (Optional); water bottle and of course, your camera! We supply tents for 2 people, so you’re expected to share with someone else. However, if you want your own feel free to bring it or you can rent one, just let us know in advance.


    About the Guide


    I hold a degree in geography and started my guiding career as a mountain biking and hiking guide in the summer for different adventure companies in Iceland. I also worked as a tourism consultant for few years but felt it was time to put my skills into practice and put up an adventure operation in cooperation with other good people.

    I was a boy scout when I was younger and learned to love the outdoors, especially the mountains. Skiing, ice & rock climbing and kayaking are my favorite sports and a part of his job. I have for years led mountaineering and avalanche SAR courses for the Icelandic Rescue Team Association.

    Among other things, I have scaled 6000 m peaks in Peru, done skiing and kayaking expeditions in Greenland, climbed in the Alps few times and done paragliding in the Pyrenees.

    I have finished WFR first aid training, hold a BCU 4 star kayaking certificate, have finished my marine CTCW training to be qualified as a professional crew member and Canadian Level I and Level II avalanche training.

    My great experience and expertise means that you're in safe hands.



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    What People are Saying about Borea Adventures


    We did not have Runar Karlsson as our guide. Instead we enjoyed the expertise of a young Icelandic woman who also serves as an Olympic Cross-Country coach for Icelandic youth. She guided us along the Hornstrandir coast towards one of the Arctic Fox habitats. Although no foxes were seen we learned much about the area, the fjord and its history. We also enjoyed a walk with her to a lovely waterfall behind the farmhouse.
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    Marla Wolkowicz
    Runar Karlsson was not our guide. We were surprised to discover, only on the day of our hike upon our arrival to your office, that he wasn’t. A disappointment, after we had received a detailed explanation from Runar describing his skills and CV days before. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding on our part, but we were under the impression we had booked this hike as a private venture for the four of us well in advance, since the date we requested was not part of the dates standardly offered. Therefore we thought we were going to benefit from Runar’s geologic expertise and personal attention during our hike. Instead, again we were surprised to discover another hiker was joining our group to whom our guide directed most of his attention and time. The two of them hiked well ahead of the rest of us for most of the hike. Also, we were offered little unsolicited geologic or local information from our guide, which was an important aspect of this hike and something we were all looking forward to learning. It was an exhilarating hike and the views were spectacular but it was not the experience we were led to believe it would be.
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    Marla Wolkowicz
    Runar wasn\'t our guide. I already sent a review to Boreas Adventures. We were disappointed with the hike. It was much shorter than we expected and less challenging than we expected. The guide wasn\'t very knowledgeable and we probably could have done the trip without him. The best part of the trip was on the boat when we saw 2 humpback whales.
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