Jostedalsbreen glacier, Norway, 4 Day Splitboarding


Join IFMGA certified guide Anders for a 4 day splitboarding traverse of the largest glacier in Intercontinental Europe: the Jostedalsbreen glacier in Norway

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Scandinavian Mountains

4 Days

May, Jul




  • See and explore the Jostedalsbreen glacier in Norway.
  • Ascend and descend the Brenibba and Lodalskapa peaks.
  • Enjoy the thrill of a 4 day splitboarding tour amidst a magical landscape.


The Jostedalsbreen glacier in Norway is the largest intercontinental glacier in Europe. And for 4 days I would like to guide you on an incredible splitboarding traverse of it.

Beginning with a bus ride to Amot, followed by a taxi ride to Sota, we will begin our trek to a cabin near the Jostedalsbreen glacier. On the following day, we will make our way to Staleskard. The day after that, we will venture to Bing’s cry, and on the final day we will go down to Fjaerland. Thus giving you an extensive, thrilling and incredibly scenic adventure on this incredible, ancient, enormous slab of ice.

This trip will not just be exploratory however. You will also get plenty of opportunities for some exciting splitboarding descents as well. If the weather and snow conditions are agreeable you will also get to ascend and descend the Brenibba (2,018m) and Lodalskapa (2,083m) peaks. The views you will get from these peaks, especially during sunset, are nothing short of magical.

This 4 day splitboarding traverse of the Jostedalsbreen glacier is a physically demanding expedition. With that said, it is required that participants are in good physical condition. It is also necessary that participants have some previous splitboarding experience in similar environments.

There is nothing quite like venturing on a glacier, and when it is a glacier as huge as the Jostedalsbreen, the awe is only heightened. So if you want to join me on this 4 day journey, just send me a request. I look forward to hearing from you.

I also offer a 7 day splitboarding tour that includes the summits of the Monte Rosa massif and Mont Blanc.



Cabins and camping.

Meeting point

Bus station where we will catch the bus to Amot.


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