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Les Marecottes, Triege, Guided Canyoning

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Les Marecottes, Triege, Guided Canyoning

One of the certified guides in the No Limits Experience Team wants to guide you on an amazing day of Canyoning at the beautiful Triege Canyon near Les Maracottes.

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1/2 Day

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Join me for a Half-Day of Canyoning at the Triege Canyon, a stone's throw away from the village of Les Marecottes.

The Triege Canyon offers a great combination of excitement and challenge. And while it is much more difficult than the La Salanfe Canyon, you don't have to be a professional to enjoy it. But you do need Canyoning Experience. Because there is such an amazing assortment of Slides, Jumps, and Rappels, you will be enjoying yourself non-stop. There is also a Deep Gorge with Sparkling Water awaiting you at the bottom. So you will enjoy every second. Hence making this adventure a truly memorable one.

You can also rest easy that even though the Triege Canyon is a tough Canyon to take on, you will be guided by Trained Professionals. And because of that guidance, you will have nothing to worry about. As your only concern will be how many times you decide to enjoy that Amazing Jump. Or how many times you want to feel the rush of sliding down that Smooth Stone Slide. Or how long you want to spend Rappelling down that Incredible Gorge. It's also worth mentioning that another result of the challenging nature of this Canyon is the competitive attitude it inspires in those who enjoy it. As you and your group will definitely be pushing each other to push yourselves on this amazing Canyon.

So come and let me guide you on an unforgettable experience. As we descend down the Triege Canyon. Where you can enjoy every inch of this Granite sculpted Playground.

I'll be awaiting your message.

And if you are looking for a Canyoning Experience that lasts a Full-Day, then you can join me on this trip, where you can combine 2 Different Canyons including La Salanfe, La Tinda, and Triege, into one spectacular expedition.

Prices per person

Group of 1

CHF 520 Each

Group of 2

CHF 260 Each

Group of 3

CHF 198 Each

Group of 4

CHF 140 Each

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This trip is framed by 2 professional guides. Minimum age participate is 14-years-old.



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