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Nagano and Niigata guided backcountry ski day tours


Join me for an amazing backcountry ski day in Nagano and Niigata. This is the most popular backcountry ski field in Japan.

I will be happy to arrange various itineraries for you, so we can choose the best options depending on your level and your wishes. Let's enjoy a great snow day together!

Below you can find some of my favorite options.

  • Myoko, Hokushin area:

This area is located between the Nagano and Niigata prefectures. Many mountaineers have loved this area for a long time. As Myoko area is near the Japan Sea, we will have much snow. During the high season, you can enjoy fine powder snow. Then in the early spring there are great vast slopes that still have snow. In the Hokushin area, which is the north part of the Nagano prefecture, we can also find light powder snow and we can enjoy the quiet mountains after a hike.

Some possible routes here are: Myoko-san, Kurohime-yama, Mt Nabekura-yama, etc.

  • Hakuba, Itoigawa area:

There is no doubt that this region is one of the greatest backcountry areas in Japan. Each time I go there, I enjoy different types of skiing. This field is full of attractions for backcountry skiers. And from this popular area, we can move to the Itoigawa area to enjoy quieter mountains. My recommendation is to do this tour during spring to enjoy unlimited vast fields with abundant snow near the Japan sea.

Some possible tour routes here are: Goryu backcountry, Happo-one backcountry, Tsugaike backcountry, Otari Itoigawa, etc.

You need to have prior experience of backcountry ski. In addition, you need to be able to walk between 2-5 hours in a day carrying your ski gear.

Interested to explore the wonderful slopes Nagano and Niigata? Then don't hesitate to book this trip! We will decide together the best route for you. I also love backcountry skiing in Tateyama, check out the program!

Prices per person, per day

Group of 1

JPY 40000 Each

Group of 2

JPY 20000 Each

Group of 3

JPY 17000 Each

Group of 4

JPY 14000 Each

Group of 5

JPY 13500 Each

Group of 6

JPY 12500 Each

Want a different number of travellers?


More info

The indicated price is for weekdays only. On weekends the price per person is: - 60000JPY (group of 1) - 30000JPY (group of 2) - 20000JPY (group of 3) - 15000JPY (group of 4) - 12500JPY (group of 5) - 11500JPY (group of 6).

Equipment: skis (skis, snowboard, telemark, etc), ski boots, outerwear (warm, waterproof and moisture permeable clothes with hood are ideal), inner wear (nylon or fleece material, cotton is not suitable), underwear (easy to dry up), sunglasses, goggles (sunglasses are not enough), warm gloves, beanie, neck warmer (balaclava is the best), helmet, beacon, probe, shovel, crampons (optional), snowshoes or seals, telescopic walking poles, light gloves, snacks and drink, backpack (25-30L). You can rent the following items: beacon, backpack, snowshoes, probe, shovel, telescopic poles.

Cancellations: - Between 2 and 7 days prior to the trip: CF is 30% of the trip price. - On the previous day: CF is 50% of the trip price. - On the same day (or no show up): CF is 100% of the trip price.

Meeting point

It will depend on the route we choose. We will meet around 8AM.


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