• Trip duration
    6 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    8 people
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Mar, Apr


I am excited to present to you a unique trip in the fjords of Iceland near the town of Siglufjörður. On this incredible 6-day ski tour you’ll ascend the peaks of fjords and ski down their perfect slopes, all while enjoying the pristine beauty of Northern Iceland.

The program I am proposing takes us deep into the backcountry for long runs and the absolute best views. Each day will be challenging, but not overwhelming. We will ski for 3-7 hours every day, with a maximum accumulated ascent of 800-1200 m. We aspire to reach peaks overlooking the ocean on both sides. From there, each descent will be long and satisfying. Iceland’s northern region is unique for its long and varied runs from mountain peaks down to the ocean. We will also take advantage of Iceland’s good snowpack that lasts long into the spring.

Furthermore, during the tour we have the chance to explore the small fishing villages typical of this area of the country. We will stay 5 nights at the comfortable boutique hotel Siglo, located near the fisherman’s marina in the town of Siglufjörður. From here, we can easily access the town, plus enjoy the hotel’s delicious restaurant and outdoor hot tub. This hotel is the perfect base for our tour because, besides being nice and comfortable, it is also less than an hour away from our ski destinations for each day. We will also have the chance to pass through and visit the small villages of Dalvík and Héðinsfjorður.

Our location is also ideal for one other reason. Each evening we might be able to see the Northern Lights over the water. The beauty of Iceland’s coast at night with the Aurora Borealis overhead cannot be understated.

This ski tour on the Troll peninsula could be just what you’re looking for as your next ski excursion! It’s an amazing opportunity to explore a wide variety of terrain and beautiful landscapes while staying comfortably in the lovely town of Siglufjörður.

Contact me if you’re interested in an unforgettable experience in the fjords of Iceland. I can also give you more information or answer any questions you have. 

I might not be able to be your guide on the dates you choose, but I’ll make sure to find you another great guide from my group.

Can’t get enough of Iceland? Together we can summit 3 peaks.


Day 1

Akureyri - Siglufjörður

We will meet in the morning in Reykjavik for a short flight from the Reykjavik domestic airport to Akureyri. During the 45-minute flight, you can look out your window and observe the beautiful central highlands. Siglufjörður is charming fishing town 77 km from the Akureyri airport. We’ll check into our lovely Siglo Hotel on the water and head out for a short afternoon ski. Then we’ll return to the hotel for a welcome dinner.

Driving: 2 hrs. Skiing: 3 hrs. Ascent/Descent: 600-700 m.

Day 2

Héðinsfjörður the uninhabited fjord

After breakfast at our hotel, we’ll take a short drive to arrive at Héðinsfjörður. This narrow fjord was inhabited at one time, but the local people later abandoned it. Here we’ll enjoy the scenery and learn a little bit about Icelandic history. Then we’ll start our skiing for the day. Our goal is to walk up the Vatnsendahnjúkur fjord to enjoy the view and then descend down its perfectly angled slopes. We’ll take a short rest and then anyone who is interested can continue to ski for a while longer.

Driving: 0,5–1 hr. Skiing: 5 hrs. Ascent/Descent: 800-900 m.

Day 3

Dalvík and the neighboring valleys

We’ll spend this day near the town of Dalvík. Dalvík is a another typical quaint Icelandic fishing village with fjords and snowy, jagged peaks. We will explore the ski slopes behind the town and take a dip in the local swimming pool before heading back to our hotel.

Driving: 1 hr. Skiing: 5 hrs. Ascent/Descent: 900-1000 m.

Day 4

High peaks and ocean view

The Troll peninsula provides us with an abundance of high peaks and clear slopes. We’ll seek out dramatic viewpoints where we can see the sea from all sides. We’ll descend once, and then make another mountain pass crossing and ski all the way to the sea.

Driving: 1 hr. Skiing: 5 hrs. Ascent/Descent: 900-1000 m.

Day 5

Jumping from one fjord to another

The bottom of the Siglufjörður valley holds good ski slopes and nice peaks that we’ll explore on this day. We can cross a tunnel into nearby Héðinsfjorður and then start ascending to our destination. We’ll be able to see Siglufjörður from the top of the peak, and then we’ll ski all the way back to the town. In the afternoon you have two different options. You can either decide to relax in the town and visit the Herring Museum or continue skiing. If you decide to ski, we will ascend via the local lift to the backcountry. Then we’ll descend towards the sea into the next valley. From there, it’s just a short drive back to the hotel.

Driving: 1 hr. Skiing: 5 hrs. Ascent/decent: 800 m. (option to do more: Ascent: 200 m/descent 800 m)

Day 6

Eyjafjörður - Akureyri - Reykjavík

On the last day, we check out of our hotel with our outdoors clothing on so we can go on one last run on our way to Akureyri. That afternoon we’ll fly back to Reykjavik, where the tour ends.

Driving: 2 hrs. Skiing: 3 hrs. Ascent/Descent: 600-800 m.

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Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Accommodation
  • Half-board meals during trip
  • Transport during the trip
Price includes: One ski guide (and an assistant guide for groups of 9-12 participants), breakfast (5), lunch (6), and welcome dinner on day 1. Accommodation: Boutique hotel (price per person is based on double occupancy). Transport: Flights to and from Akureyri, local transport during the tour.

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Reykjavik domestic airport


Sigló Hotel

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The trip can accommodate up to 12 participants. With 9 or more participants, another guide will join us.


Please note that the day to day activities are subject to change according to weather and snow conditions and will not necessary be in the described order. Final decision on which routes will be skied each day is in the hands of the guide, and is based on snow conditions, avalanche danger, etc.