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Private Climbing Trip in the Tantalus Mountains, Canada

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Come with ACMG-certified Alpine guide Andrew on an amazing private mountaineering program in the Tantalus Mountains of British Columbia in Canada.


1 Day

All year




* Walk or fly into a lesser-known region for incredible climbs away from the crowd

* Enjoy the unique beauty of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

* Conquer tall peaks over multiple days on a program designed just for you.


Head out west and see the Pacific from the top of the Tantalus Mountains! Take a mountaineering expedition into the Coast Mountains in Canada and spend a few days discovering its one-of-a-kind splendor!

The Tantalus Mountains are located just west of the snow sport hot spots of Squamish and Whistler. Thanks to an additional boost from the 2010 Winter Olympics, this region has reached legendary status as an alpine paradise for its snow quality, access, and accommodation. But where Whistler is a Shangri-La for skiers and snowboarders, the Tantalus are the utopian equivalent for climbers and mountaineers.

The range manages to maintain its mystery by staying away from the crowds, though its snow-capped summits offer taunting views throughout the region. Flying in is often the best – but certainly not the onlyway to start an ascent of its many peaks whose names are based in Greek mythology.

The mountains feature a variety of rock that is great for climbing, and glaciers will add to the stunning aesthetics as we traverse through the region. The Tantalus feature plenty of technical climbs for thrill seekers who want a rewarding challenge.

We will stay in one of two local huts or set up camp high in the terrain. The accommodations will give us manageable ascents of the mountains Dione, Serratus, Alpha, Omega, and Tantalus itself.

Your program will immerse you in the Tantalus and its solid rock. You can coordinate a trip based around your skill level and abilities. I recommend a three-day trip to get the most out of the experience. Let me know what kind of adventure you are looking for, and I would be happy to tailor a program just for you.

The array of great climbs and mountains make this a perfect spot for all climbers. A moderate level of physical fitness is necessary, and previous mountaineering experience will be taken into account to help determine which program is right for you.

Book this private mountaineering program NOW and discover the beauty of the Tantalus Mountains tucked away in the corner of Canada!

You can also try a week-long mountaineering course around Squamish in British Columbia! Or we can enjoy a three day program on advanced alpine climbing!

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