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Redes Natural Park 4 day guided trekking program

Redes Natural Park

Come with Ruben, an AEGM certified guide, on this trek adventure through the Redes Natural Park. Discover on this 4-day trip one of the most wonderful parts of Europe.

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Cantabrian Mountains

4 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




The Redes Natural Park received its denomination as such in 1996. And in 2001 the UNESCO declared it as a Biosphere Reserve. It also has a unique Area of Birds under a Special Protection, since 2003. All of this means, it is guarded for future preservation. Thus, the places we’ll walk through are not just natural but well preserved.

It is located in the Cantabrian Mountain range, south of Asturias. And it mostly consists in thick and beautiful forests, mainly of beech. These forests cover at least three quarters of the surface in the Park.

But there are other equally gorgeous variations of trees we can admire. Amongst them, we’ll be able to find ash trees, alders, holly, birches, yews, maples and oaks. Also, we’ll trek through other impressive landscapes in the area. For instance, we’ll run into some lovely prairies, home to many species, plants and animals native of the region.

Some of the animals we might see include the otter and the brown bear, deer, wild boar, foxes and badgers. Additionally, there are other unique animals such as the iberian wolf and the iberian desman that inhabit these lands. Other two inhabitants we might see are the cave bat and the Geoffroy bat. Moreover, there is even the chance we run into magnificent birds such as the real eagle or see an alimoche, peregrine falcons and owl. We’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears open for such treats of nature.

The Redes Natural Park is undoubtedly a rich and beautiful territory, with a lot of natural and cultural significance not only to the region but the entire country.  

Don’t miss out the chance to walk through the Redes Natural Park. So send me a request and let me take you to my favorite spots on this 4 day hike.

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Prices per person

Group of 4

EUR 480 Each

Group of 5

EUR 480 Each

Group of 6

EUR 480 Each

Group of 7

EUR 480 Each

Group of 8

EUR 480 Each

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Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Personal insurance

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

Price details

Alongside with the guide fee, the price includes: Three nights at the Brañagallones Refuge, three full-board meals (dinner + breakfast + picnic) at the Brañagallones Refuge, collective security material and accident insurance. -- The price doesn’t include transportation or any other item mentioned as included.


Day 1: Bezanes - Brañagallones

Today we will begin in the village of Bezanes (658m). Then we’ll walk up through a path brimming with leafy forest of chestnut trees. The road will consist in patches that are more steep and others more comfortable. We’ll reach places like the Grandiella herd, the Argayu’l Llobu and the Tunnel of the Crestón. After which we’ll reach the prairies of Brañagallones, on what used to be a lake of glacier origin.

Day 2: Lake Ubales

On this day we will walk towards the valley of the Monasteriu River. After crossing a leafy beech forest, we’ll reach the mound of Valdebezón. Then, we’ll head on west through fields above spur trees and the best views of the woods of Redes. And then I will take you to the Peña’l Vientu peak (2,000m). Upon reaching its summit, we will descend to the Collada les Aguyes, until we get to Raya l’Acebal. Thereupon we’ll head to the Xara’s pass and reach the Lake Ubales. We’ll continue through the Mericueria road until we arrive to Vega of Brañagallones.

Day 3: Cantu'l Osu

This day we’ll begin trekking towards Valdebezón until we reach the Les Priés ridge. Then we’ll go to the Puercu pass, Xerru les Planes and El Porron until we get to the Cerrosa pass. After that we will head to the Muezca pass and descend to the meadows of Ferramoru. And, later, I will take you to the summit of Cantu’l Osu (1,800m), from where we’ll descend to the Brañagallones Refuge.

Day 4: Route of the Alba

Today’s itinerary will be full of wonderful things. We’ll return to the village of Bezanes, from where vehicles will takes us to the village of Soto de Agues. Then we will venture into one of the most iconic routes of Asturias and Spain, the Route of the Alba. Thereupon, we’ll pass amazing things like the Alba river and the Campurru area, where Carmen mine carriages are preserved. And we’ll reach a dazzling spot with waterfalls, rapids, wells and mesmerizing prairies. Finally, we will return to Soto de Agues where our adventure will end.


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Mountain refuges

More info

There will be picnic lunches available for purchase at each shelter, in order to avoid carrying extra weight. Also, you’ll be able to find blankets on each shelter. Thus, with just a thin sleeping bag or bed sheet sleeping bag is enough.

Meeting point

Interpretation Center of the Redes Natural Park, in Campo de Caso.

About the guide

Hello!! My name is Rubén Cuesta Valparís and I am a Mountain Guide with official certification and AEGM-UIMLA accreditation (Member Number 913). I have extensive experience in mountain ranges around the world, from the Picos de Europa, my base and school, through the Pyrenees, the Alps, Patagonia, the Himalayas.

I love mountains and nature in general and from my experience and supported by my training, I like to enjoy them and make my clients enjoy them as much as I do, giving them the security they need to perform the activity they want, interpreting the landscape , flora, fauna, ethnography, and promoting respect for nature and the environment where activities take place. I speak Spanish and English.

From my company, Picos Outdoor, we organize activities of hiking, trekking, mountaineering, orientation, etc. and we offer introductory and specialization training courses (can be for groups and individuals) related to all the above.






Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain

What people are saying about Ruben Cuesta Valparis

Austin Wood


August, 2020

From the beginning to the end, Ruben and the Explore-Share team were fantastic. Ruben made the 4 day hike enjoyable, educational, and overall a ton of fun. He was super knowledgeable and even during the toughest part of the hikes, we felt incredibly safe. Very thankful for finding explore-share and I'll definitely use them again. I also would be sure to recommend Ruben to anyone looking to hike the Picos!



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