trip duration TRIP DURATION
7 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
Coast Mountains
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period BEST PERIOD
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP


This 7 days program will take us ski touring to Whitecamp Alpine Lodge, just north of Whistler in British Columbia.

Imagine… you are at Whitecap Alpine Backcountry Ski Lodge! You and a group of friends; like minding mountain living, ski seeking, life loving individuals at a remote backcountry lodge stocked with gourmet food, and a roaring fire and most important over 8400 hectares of your own personal untouched ski terrain.

Well it all happens at Whitecap Alpine Backcountry Ski Lodge.


Whitecap Alpine is a place for everyone who likes to glide on snow. We cater to Alpine Tourers, Telemarkers, and Snowboarders. We like Old School, New School and No School. It doesn’t matter where you come from and what you like to do, we have a place for you. And you will have fun!

It is our mission to make everyone feel welcome and get the most out of their snow time with us. We can cater your experience to build a great ski vacation or mountain adventure, complete with ridge climbs, summits and steep descents.

The surrounding range can accommodate moderate to advanced skiing in all types of weather conditions. There are no bad days, only days that are a different type of outdoor experience.Two guides may be assigned to each group to accommodate different skill levels and goals.


Whitecap Alpine Backcountry Ski Lodge is located 40km north east of Whistler and Pemberton in beautiful British Columbia. On the east side of the Coastal Range the air is a little colder and the snow a little drier, resulting what is known to some as ‘cold smoke’.

Whitecap Alpine Backcountry Ski Lodge is a private skiing paradise. The magic in the location lies in the aesthetic feel of the terrain. This is a ’skiers canvas’ and the terrain unfolds and opens to those looking for a unique skiing or riding experience. We can cater your experience to build a great ski vacation, or a mountain adventure, complete with ridge climbs, summits and steep descents.

-8500 hectares of Alpine peaks, Glaciers, Glades and Trees.
-4 major valleys
-65% of the terrain faces north for the best snow conditions
-More than half of our bad weather skiing is in the home valley
-Runs of up to 5000ft/1500m
-Boundless open glades and tree skiing
-10 major glaciers
-Over 100 ski lines and passages to choose from


The lodge includes all amenities, such as hot showers, Sauna, wood burning fireplace, and heated out-houses. The fully equipped kitchen produces our tasty and well-deserved meals. We also have ample electric outlets for all your modern day gadgets and access to internet if needed.

Sleeping arrangements are hostel-style and include: two bedrooms on the main floor, a split-level loft on the second floor, two additional smaller bedrooms, plus 3 bedrooms in the Sauna House. Clean mattresses and pillows with freshly laundered pillowcases are provided. We ask our guests to bring a light or medium weight sleeping bag.

Whitecap Alpine is located only 2.5 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia (or a short drive from Whistler, BC).

Our lodge at-a-glance

-Approximately 2000 sq ft
-2 floor, open-plan log structure
-Sauna and out building with 3 private rooms
-Majestic views of surrounding ski slopes
-Spacious living room heated by wood stove
-Separate dining room and modern kitchen
-Full lighting (electric generator and propane lamps)

If you want to do this amazing trip, please contact us so we can start organizing your ski touring trip at Whitecap!

Extra details


-7 day: CAD 2250

-4 day: CAD 1350

Price per person

1 Person 2250CAD

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-7 days: CAD 2250
-4 days: CAD 1350