Ski touring in the fjords of the Lyngen Alps


Massimo Candolini, IFMGA/UIAGM certified mountain guide and highly experienced skier, invites you to join him on this fascinating and challenging ski touring expedition through the fjords of the Lyngen Alps in Norway.

Lyngen Alps

4 Days



Join me in this ski touring trip to the Lyngen Alps in the discovery of gorgeous snow powderly Northern landscapes. We will spend a week in the Norway fjords skiing through out-of-the-way locations.

During this expedition we are going to see both the sea and splendorous mountain peaks of 1000 to 1400 meters.

The beautiful fjords and islands, with its snow-covered surfaces, make the Lyngen Alps the perfect place to visit.

Currently, many passionate skiers consider it their favorite destination.

Throughout the trip, each day will follow a certain ski touring plan.

The trip price’s includes breakfast, transfer to and back from the point of departure and dinner.

However, we will take turns to prepare the meals so as to avoid paying for expensive plates at restaurants.

There is also going to be some time to relax and share our experiences in the Lyngen Alps.

On a typical ski touring day, we will follow practically the same routine.

First, we will depart from the Hytte. Then, we will get on a car and drive up to the starting points of the tour. These are very frequently by the sea shore.

The expedition will commence by going upwards for about 800 to 1200 meters, equal to 3 to 5 hours walking.

Once at the top, the ski touring descent starts. We will traverse a different track every day.

After a long skiing day, we will always go back to the Hytte to rest and relax.

Some of the peaks that we can reach are Nordfjellet (786m), Kagtinden (1163m), Lavangstinden (1215m), Storgalten 1219m and other.

Of course, to take part of this excursion you must have skiing knowledge and be able to walk for long period without problems.

Also, you have to be able to carry your backpack with everything needed for the whole duration of the tours.

So, hurry up and sign up for this ski touring week in the Lyngen Alps of Norway. I’ll be waiting for your contact. I’ll be a pleasure to be your guide and accompany you in the discovery of this location well-known for its beauty and snowy landscapes.



Day 1: Arrival

Arrival in Tromsø. We will go by car from the airport to the mountain Hytte.

Day 2: Ski Touring

We will ski through the Tinden.

Day 3: Ski Touring

We will decide on the different plans for these days. We can traverse the Lyngen Alps passing through the Tromsø area and the Kvaloya Island.

Day 7: Return

We will return to the airport of Tromsø by car for each participant to take their flights home.




Mountain Hyttes, similar to appartments

More info

You must bring regular clothes for ski touring, a helmet and the mandatory Artva kit. Extremely warm clothes are recommended, for example a quilted jacket and a pair of comfortable apres-ski wear.


About the guide

We are inMont, a group of IFMGA Alpine Guides from Venezia Giulia Region.

We offer all range of mountain activities: mountaineering, rock to ice climbing, high mountains, ski mountaineering, expeditions in and outside Europe, and we organize courses.

We are Massimo Candolini, Guido Candolini, Gianni Dorigo and Andrea Fusari. In addition, some Alpine Guides of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region collaborate with us.

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Prices per person

Group of 1

EUR 9485 Each

Group of 2

EUR 4743 Each

Group of 3

EUR 3162 Each

Group of 4

EUR 2475 Each

Want a different number of travellers?

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transport during the trip

- Transportation start and back

For booking assistance

Our experienced outdoor adventure team is ready to help you boost your experience and will assist you throughout the whole process, from the moment you choose a program until you return from your trip.



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