• Trip duration
    2 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Jul, Aug, Sep


An excellent trip to do rock climbing in an excellent granite environment. The Bugaboo rock is located in the Bugaboos mountain range in British Columbia.

I particularly recommend this 2-day trip not only because it is a famous spot in Canada, but also because the quality of the granite to climb is great and there is a large range of opportunity for all levels.

To get there we will have to cross a glacier which add some fun to the tour. We will have to cross it to get to the climbing spots.

Bugaboo Rock has something to offer for all abilities, from novice to experienced climbers. The Bugaboos are spectacular granite spires towering in the midst of glaciers. Most days we will be traveling across the glacier to access the climbs.

In general we sleep in Conrad Kain Hut. Another option is to sleep at Applebee camp. For this second option we will need to walk up the moraine (about an extra 30 minutes).

We can either stay in the Kain Hut, which sleeps 40 people, or we can hike up the moraine, above the hut, for another 30 to 40 minutes and camp at Applebee Camp site.

I have always spent a nice time there. We can also find other spots to climb in the area and make a longer expedition. Fill free to contact me to do this nice trip together!

Extra details

Do you need a porter?

Depending on your desired trip duration, I can hire a porter to carry our food and some gear to the Kain Hut or to the campsite. This will keep packs to a minimal weight and make the hike in less strenuous.

How to reach Bugaboo spire?

A well-worn trail starts from the parking lot and climbs directly to the Kain Hut. It takes about 3 hours.

Spots of interest

Conrad Kain hut

Conrad Kain Hut has been built in 1972 by the Alpine Club of Canada.

The name comes from a famous guide who was the pioneer there in 1910.

It is cosy. It has a capacity of 40 people and it is modern. Electricity comes from a generator and provides hot water, heat and light.

Since 1972, the refuge is managed by British Columbia Parks and serves mainly as a base for mountaineers.

We can sleep in the first floor on foam mattresses that are at disposal.

Bungaboo spire rock climbing

Some amazing views from the climb. The landscape from the spire is really awesome.

Price per person