Wild Alaska, 13-day Nature discovery tour from Anchorage


Bruno, your IFMGA-certified guide will lead you on a captivating 13-day tour through the enormous expanses of Alaska, taking in Kodiak, Katmai National Park and Denali National Park, all whilst encountering a spectacular array of wild animals such as grizzly bears, wolves, whales and otters.


13 Days

Aug, Sep

Open to everyone

First Time


  • Explore Kodiak, where grand harbours contain sea lions, seals and eagles!
  • Katmai National Park, featuring glaciers, volcanic ash fields and brown bears!
  • Aerial tour of Denali National Park - home to the highest peak in North America!
  • Stay in cabins on your touring boat!


If you join me on this truly awesome 13-day adventure through the wilds of Alaska, I guarantee you will create memories to last a lifetime, as the sheer diversity and beauty of the scenery and wildlife we will encounter leaves a powerful impression on most who experience it, and you will be reaching for your cameras seemingly constantly to capture it all!

Alaska is one of the great pristine and untouched frontiers, as its vast and majestic expanses are home to some of the most sensational landscapes, terrain, flora and fauna on the planet, the assortment and splendour of which will take your breath away.

We meet in the capital city of Anchorage, and we set off the next day on short domestic flight to Kodiak, whereby we hop on our boat, get acquainted with our cabins and head off to St Hermans Harbour, where sea lions, seals and eagles will all be visible along the way!

We then head to Katmai National Park, where we will discover more enchanting animals such as brown bears, sea otters and whales!

The next few days are spent making day trips to various harbours and bays, with the terrain ranging from glacial mountains and volcanic ash fields to stunning waterways full of salmon and secluded bays featuring more wildlife, such as wolves and marine mammals.

After heading back to Anchorage, on the 9th day we undertake the highlight of the trip for many, an aerial tour of the gorgeous, majestic and riveting Denali National Park, home to the highest peak in North America (6200m), and a sweeping, panoramic wonderland of scenery.

We spend a few days in Denali before the penultimate day is spent driving to Fairbanks via the great Boreal forest, and we complete the journey back in Anchorage with heads and hearts full of love for this special part of the world.

Alaska is waiting for more people to discover it -book now to beat the crowds!

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Day 1: Meet and flight

Flight to Anchorage (according to arrangements) where you will find your guide.

Day 2: Boat from Kodiak

Domestic flight to Kodiak, transportation to St. Herman’s harbour, boarding the Single Star boat and installation in your cabins. On the way, we will stop in front of a huge puffin rock. Watch for sea lions, seals, eagles and more on a cruise. We will anchor in the calm, protected waters of one of the many protected bays at Marmot Bay or Kuprean of Straits.

Day 3: Head to Katmai National Park

We will have breakfast crossing the steep banks of Kuprean Straits. We will take the time to observe and photograph sea otters, whales and bears walking on the shores at low tide. We will cross Shelikoff Detroit and hope to see whales, puffins, Dall’s porpoise and seabirds. We will arrive at Katmai National Park and anchor. Lunch. Then we will go out looking for brown bears and other wildlife.

Day 4 to 6: Shore excursions

We will spend the next three days anchored and will depart daily for shore excursions in a variety of bays at Katmai National Park. These can be:
– Halo Bay: a spectacular bay open to large meadows, glacial mountain bottoms, there are bears eating sedges and clams by digging along the shoreline during low tides.
– Kukak Bay: A wide and deep bay, site of an abandoned clam cannery around 1923-1936, Kukak bay offers hiking along beautiful trails.
Opportunity to photograph bears eating berries, sedges or looking for clams. Marine mammals, eagles and wolves can be seen.
– Kuliak Bay: A narrow and deep bay that is very scenic and secluded, with active bears along the creek and shore.
– Kaflia Bay-Rockie: shore where bears collect rocks to find small crabs and other food products before the arrival of salmon at the end of July.
– Geographic Harbor: Deep natural harbor bordered by high basalt cliffs and visible volcanic ash fields due to the eruption of Novarupta in 1912.
This harbor has spectacular scenery with a large open delta to observe and photograph bears, birds and birds. other species.
All these bays have rivers or streams that see the return of salmon from mid-July to September.
Fishing can be an option for those who may be interested. The activities of each day are based on weather, tide, currents and customer requests. All shore excursions are guided.

Day 7: Shelikoff Strait

Anchorage as we cross the Shelikoff Strait, the Kodiak Archipelago as a function of time we will pass either through the Shuyak Islands or the Kupreanof Strait. We will anchor for
the night. Both routes are rich in marine life and birds as well as beautiful geological formations and beautiful landscapes.

Day 8: Port of Saint-Herman

Arrival at the port of Saint-Herman and return to port early. Free afternoon. Transportation to the airport.

Day 9: Aerial tour of Denali National Park

This flight to Denali Park will certainly be the highlight of your trip to Alaska. An aerial tour with Regal Air is the best way to see this Alaska treasure. Our three-hour flight from Denali Peak and Denali National Park departs from Anchorage every day and heads north to the majestic Denali country.

Day 10: Denali National Park

Departure to Denali National Park, the highest peak in North America (6200 meters) in search of animals. Splendid landscapes, beaver dams, views of Denali.

Day 11: More of Denali National Park

If the sky is clear, the views of the Denali will be superb. Dinner at Salmon Bake, one of Denali’s oldest and most distinctive restaurants. On the only track in the National Park, we hope to see grizzly bears, caribou, moose, Dall sheep …
Overnight at the hotel.

Day 12: Fairbanks

Drive to Fairbanks. We will cross the great boreal forest.

Day 13: Finish

Flights according to arrangements.




2 nights in hotel, the rest in cabins on board your transport boat.

Meeting point

Anchorage, Alaska


About the guide

IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guide and member of la Compagnie des Guides de Saint-Gervais (Haute-Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, south-eastern of France)

I will be more than happy to guide you in the Alps for mountaineering or ski touring adventures.

I also organise beautiful trips all around the world.

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