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In spite of its fairly small size, the United Kingdom boasts plenty of stunning scenery. From seemingly massive mountain peaks in the Scottish Highlands to the deep canyons and ravines of Wales, there are plenty of gorgeous landscapes to see. Add in thick forests, verdant valleys and white cliffs, and there’s no shortage of sites to check out on your next water sports adventure.



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May to October


Pound sterling (GBP)


English, Welsh, Gaelic

What’s the weather like?

The UK has a temperate climate in spite of its northern latitude. This generally means that the country experiences cool and wet winters and warm and wet summers. Average temperatures tend to sit around 5 ºC (41 ºF) or more in the winter and reach 15 ºC (59 ºF) or more in the summer

How to get there:

This generally depends on where you are heading in the country. Trips to England’s Lake and Peak districts (where most outdoor activities take place) generally begin with a flight into Manchester Airport (MAN). Trips to Scotland generally begin with a flight into Glasgow Airport (GLA). And trips to Wales generally begin with a flight into either Cardiff Airport (CFL) or Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL). From any of these airports, it is easiest to rent a car and drive to your final destination

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Composed of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the United Kingdom is a small but diverse place and full of plenty of great water sports opportunities for participants of every level. Kayaking, canyoning and whitewater rafting are all popular pass times here, though canyoning is by far the most popular. England, Scotland and Wales are all home to excellent canyoning opportunities. While the Lake District and Brecon Beacon National Park are the most popular canyoning destinations in England and Wales, respectively, both Bruar Falls and Gray Mare’s Tail are popular spots in Scotland. There are numerous spots for whitewater rafting, but Canolfan Tryweryn, in northern Wales, is easily the most exciting and popular. Kayaking trips can be found throughout the United Kingdom, but sea kayaking off the coast of Northern Ireland and Scotland are two of the most scenic and popular adventure spots



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