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Avril, 2022

Ski touring week in the Lofoten Islands, Norway (8 days)

Great week with an impresively expert mountain guide, Franco, from Pro-Rock Adventures, who managed the complicated wether conditions to bring us always to the right place in the right moment.

Graeme Borthwick


Mars, 2020

Ski touring in the Narvik mountains single or multi-day trip

I completely missed this trip by one month due to my fault but exacerbated by your booking system. I must have filled in the booking form about 10 times before the dates were 'correct' and I was not being charged for more than one day. Every time I tried to make changes, the form refreshed and all the details had to be filled in again. These sorts of trips/events are not like booking train tickets. Most include a window of opportunity that is heavily influenced by weather events. Your communication flow requires a booking to be made and paid before there is any connection with the guide or discussion about suitable days etc. I realise that your company is a booking agency that is concerned about introducing two parties but missing out on the management fee however I feel the system requires a more nuanced approach.

Daniel Ruck


Mai, 2019

Ski touring in the Narvik mountains single or multi-day trip

Le voyageur n'a pas laissé de commentaire.

Sabine Zigan


Mai, 2018

Ski touring in the Narvik mountains single or multi-day trip

Fantastic and experienced guide! We highly recommend Marius and the area of Narvik!

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