Baffin Island, Canada: 24-day Expedition in the Arctic


Your IFMGA-certified guide Bruno will guide you on a 24-day expedition of one of the great untouched, pristine, remote and wild places on earth, Baffin Island, Canada. The vast open spaces and exotic wildlife will leave you stunned as you traipse around this great arctic frontier.


24 Days





  • Discover Baffin Island - the fifth biggest island in the world!
  • Witness animals such as whales, polar bears, foxes, wolves, seals and birds!
  • See humungous valleys and tundras under fjords and glaciers!
  • One of the most remote areas of the arctic!


The tour I lead is an epic, sprawling, beautiful and mesmerizing 24-day expedition through one of the great untouched frontiers of the arctic, Baffin Island in Canada. This desolate, isolated island is home to some truly glorious scenery, with its vast, huge and cold canyons and valleys giving way to imposing rock walls and fjords.

Baffin Island, straddling the Arctic Circle, is the fifth-largest island in the world and is largely uninhabited. There is a wide variety of wildlife that live on and around the island, and these include polar bears, whales, seals, belugas, narwhals, walruses, arctic foxes, arctic wolves and an array of migratory birds.

We meet in Copenhagen, where we spend the night in a hotel, before going onwards to Ummannaq in Greenland, where we view the mighty Ummannaq Fjord, and then 3 days of sailing to reach Baffin Island.

Once on Baffin Island, we spend the subsequent 19 days discovering every magnificent and wonderful place it has to offer, with its monumental fjords and glaciers looking out over sweeping valleys, the horizon in the distance as far as the eye can see, all looking like a landscape and terrain from another planet!

For many the highlight of the trip is the opportunity to observe and marvel at the beautiful animals and creatures that inhabit the island, and we will ge tot witness such mesmerizing wildlife as whales that live in the many bays that dot the island, polar bears, foxes and wolves that occupy the forests and countless species of birds.

The last few days are spent sailing to Sisimuit in Greenland, before we return to Copenhagen and say goodbye, knowing that we have experience something truly unique and special.


Day 1: Paris or Geneva - Copenhagen

Night in Copenhagen.

Day 2: Copenhagen - Ummannaq

Transfer and embark on La Louise late afternoon. Navigation in the Ummannaq Fjord.

Day 3 to 22: The Louise & Hiking

Our trip begins with a hike on the Green Coast in the Ummannaq Fjord with views of the vast Ice Sheet.

We begin the crossing to Baffin Island: 3 days sailing to Pond Inlet on the North Island where we will check in to Canada.

Throughout our exploration of Baffin Island, we will alternate navigations, cabotages and hikes along the NE coast of the island between Bylot Island and Isabella Bay.

We will discover the Bylot Nature Park where you can see polar bears and narwhals.

We will pass by the impressive fjords: Buchan Gulf and Sam Fjord, known for their huge and imposing rock walls carved thousands of years ago by ancient glaciers that make these fjords one of the most impressive sites in the world .
We will end at Niginganiq (Isabella Bay), a very special area that attracts a large number of bowhead whales. The shallow shelf at the entrance to the bay is supposed to protect the bay from orca whale predators, which explains this concentration of bowhead whales. This bay has recently been designated a National Wildlife Area by the Canadian government.

Our exploration ends with 2 days sailing to Sisimiut in Greenland.

Day 23: Sisimiut - Copenhagen

Night in Copenhagen.

Day 24: Copenhagen - Paris or Geneva

Return flight.




The Louise is a schooner built between 2003 and 2010, specially designed to navigate the Arctic regions with a French crew of great experience. It is one of the few boats to explore Baffin Island from Greenland. The sailboat allows us to hike every day in different places while having access to our daily comfort equivalent to that of a shelter. Each evening the ship is anchored in a sheltered bay to appreciate the best landscapes.

More info

This trip to Baffin Island is more than just a trip, it's a real adventure and exploration is the key word. In the heart of the Arctic the weather will not always be lenient and the conditions of navigation can be difficult. We recommend very good hiking equipment including shoes and a marine suit for observations on the bridge. During the hikes we will move more often off the trail.

Meeting point

Copenhagen, Denmark


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