8-day Balkan villages horseback trek in Bulgaria


Join a certified mountain guide to venture on this 8-day horseback trek in the beautiful Balkan villages in Bulgaria.


Balkan Mountains

8 Days

Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct




  • Ride on Stara Planina, the longest Bulgarian mountain to enjoy stunning views.
  • Explore the rich biodiversity of the Central Balkan National Park.
  • Visit the mineral springs in Chiflik and Shipkovo.


Out of the varied mountainous regions in Bulgaria, Teteven Balkan is undoubtedly the best as it combines picturesque valleys with gushing rivers and ancient forests with vast meadows. Join us on this 8-day trip where we will take you on a thrilling horseback trek through the beautiful Balkan villages. We’ll not only ride over high ridges but also witness spectacular views of the crowned peaks and lush valleys.

The tour has so much to offer. Along with horseback riding, you’ll enjoy local cuisine and also get a glimpse of the unique culture of this area. Get ready to enjoy some home-made rakiya and tasty appetizers along with witnessing exceptional views of the Balkans.

The trail leads along the Stara Planina, the longest Bulgarian mountain which is especially popular among explorers for its diverse plant life.

We’ll begin from Sofia and head towards the quaint village of Golyam Izvor where you’ll meet your horses. It will be truly enjoyable to ride past the Central Balkan National Park, the Glozhene Monastery, Troyan Monastery, the Saeva Dupka cave and the mineral springs in Chiflik and Shipkovo during these 8 days.

We’ll ride at a low elevation on Stara Planina – between 400m to 1100m. The trail leads onto a rugged terrain along dirt roads. You’ll also have an option to trot and canter in this picturesque setting.

We’ll spend between 4 and 6 hours riding every day and don’t worry as the route and the duration of the ride can be altered taking into consideration your needs and abilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now to have a memorable experience of riding in the Balkan villages in Bulgaria. We’ll be waiting for your message. Also, check out our page for some more adventures.


Day 1:  Arrive in Sofia

Transfer to our hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2: Head towards Golyam Izvor

After breakfast, we’ll drive for about 1.5 hours to reach the village of Golyam Izvor in Teteven Balkan. Here, we’ll meet our horses. Our first ride is in the vicinity of Golyam Izvor.

Includes: B/L/D
Duration of ride: 3-4 hours


Day 3: Golyam Izvor to Glozene Monastery

The road passes through meadows and mixed forest. We will ascend the heights above the village where we will see the first beautiful view of the central ridge of Stara Planina and the town of Teteven surrounded by rocky peaks. Then, we will descend through a beech forest to reach Glozhene Monastery. Perched on a high rock, it reveals an even more spacious view of the Danube plain.

Includes: B/L/D
Duration of ride: 5 hours


Day 4: Trek from Golyam Izvor to Brusen & Lopian

The route starts with a dirt road along one of the ridges in the region, passing through Brusen village. Then, we’ll head off southwest to the village of Lopian where we’ll have late lunch and stay overnight.  An optional tour to the Etropole Monastery and the waterfall near it (30 min drive) can be made.

Includes: B/L/D
Duration of ride: 5-6 hours


Day 5: Ride from Lopian to Cherni Vit

The trail leads through mixed forests uphill. We will then ride along unwooded ridge and further descend to the village of Cherni Vit. In the afternoon we will have a trip by car to Saeva Dupka cave which is known for its beautiful formations. Overnight in a guest house in Cherni Vit.

Includes: B/L/D
Duration of ride: 4-5 hours


Day 6: Head from Cherni Vit to Teteven

Starting from Cherni Vit, the route leads to the Boatin Reserve which is part of the Central Balkan National Park. The afternoon will be spent sightseeing Teteven.
We can also make an optional trip to Troyan Monastery (80 km) by car and  Chiflik Spa. Overnight in a Hotel in Teteven.

Includes: B/L
Duration of ride: 4-5 hours


Day 7: Return from Teteven to Golyam Izvor and then back to Sofia.

Transfer to Cherni Vit village. On this last day of the ride, we will climb one of the many ridges from where we will have a last look at the breathtaking scenery of the Balkans.  Transfer back to Sofia for overnight at a hotel. 

Includes: B/L
Duration of ride: 5-6 hours


Day 8: Departure

Transfer to Sofia airport for departure.

Includes: B




3 Nights in Hotel (two in Sofia and one in Teteven) 4 Nights in Guest Houses


About the guide

We are a tour operator founded in Denmark in 1989. We have established ourselves as leaders on the Scandinavian and Bulgarian adventure tours field. With offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria and Russia, our company offers trekking, cycling, cultural, equestrian, fishing and photo tours in more than 50 countries, across Europe and in some of the world’s remotest locations.

Our focus has always been on taking our clients to remote and unexplored destinations for unique and exciting adventures. Our trips always include the maximum interaction posible with local communities, as we believe that discovering completely different cultures and places is an absolutely enriching experience for every traveler.

We have a team of adventurous and highly experienced guides, with a deep knowledge of the routes and logistics of each of our trips. We are mainly focused on organizig trips for small groups, looking to offer a personalized experience and the most flexible itineraries possible.

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