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Caving in the underground San Jeronimo River in the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park, Mexico

Caving in the underground San Jeronimo River in the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park, Mexico | undefined

Join one of our experienced guides for a thrilling day of caving in the underground San Jeronimo River in the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park in Mexico.

1 Day

Jan - May


All levels


* Enjoy a full-day caving trip along the San Jeronimo River.

* Marvel at the beauty of the Grutas de Cacahuampilpa.

* Open to visitors as young as twelve years old.


For a full day we would like to guide you along the underground San Jeronimo River in the amazing Grutas de Cacahuampilpa National Park in Mexico.

Located in the Mexican state of Guerrero, the Grutas de Cacahuampilpa National Park, and the cave system within it, is absolutely breathtaking.

After arriving at the Grutas, we will walk to the entrance of the San Jeronimo River. Once we get there, we will get into the river and swim toward the mouth of the cave. Once we’ve entered the cave, you will be exposed to a gigantic and stunning world full of incredible rock formations that have been forming for many, many years!

We will continue venturing along the river, deeper into the cave, and into the darkness, where you will get to connect with the underground in a way you’ve never thought possible. And, when the adventure is over, we’ll return to the light, where you can enjoy a great meal at the Cacahuampilpa Market.

While not very difficult, it is important that participants on this trip know how to swim. You should also be in good physical condition. However, this trip is open to people as young as twelve years old. Hence making it a great family expedition.

To join on this unforgettable journey along the San Jeronimo River in the Grutas de Cacahuampilpa, please send a request.

We also offer an easier caving adventure in the Grutas that will take you along the Chontacoatlan River.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Permit and entrance fees


More info

Participants should bring the following items: Towel Sun cream of at least factor 30 Complete change of clothes Insect repellent Wash kit Mountain coat Boots or trainers with a treaded sole and which protect the ankles Comfortable shirt and trousers, preferably made of synthetic fibers and not cotton, including jeans. Large bag for your wet clothes at the end of the descent

Meeting point

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park

About the guide

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Tour Operator

We are a team of experienced and qualified guides based in Mexico, offering adventure tourism tours in the central region of the country. We promote the sustainable development of the local communities we visit, together with respect for the environment.

We offer a personalized service and look to provide our clients with an enjoyable, safe and harmonious experience. Contact us and we will take you on an unforgettable adventure!



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What people are saying about México


The guides on Malinche and Orizaba were very good. But there was a big problem on Iztaccihuatl. I said to each of the guides that I had there that I wasn't bothered about seeing the sunrise from the top, and would it be possible to start a bit later than the usual 1am? They both agreed that it was, one saying that the reason for leaving so early was that normally they needed to take clients back to Mexico City after the climb, and in my case that wasn't necessary as I would stay at the visitor's centre. So in the end we left the visitor's centre at 4:30am. When we got to a foresummit of Iztaccihuatl at 11am, my guide said that we had left very late, and would have to turn back. So we never reached the top, to my great annoyance. In retrospect the best option would have been to have spent one night at the refuge at 4700m before going to the top, but this was never really offered as a possibility.



I love Carlos and the team! We ended up changing our itinerary to 3 mountains in 8 days and had a great experience. I will recommend Carlos and his wonderful hospitality and working with logistics anytime!



Bernardo was so nice and made sure that we were all safe and sound at all time. The taco place we went afterwards were so good. I had a wonderful trip that day and will definitely recommend it to everyone! Thank you!



The guides were awesome and supportive. I will absoutely be using explore share in the future



Great experience, glad I had the opportunity to do this hikes. I was only able to summit one of 3 peaks. One of them Malinche was because the cops didn't let us go up. make sure to start really early so that won't be a problem. The cops stop everyone in bad weather regardless if you have a guide or not. Iztaccihuatl I was able to summit bc the guide Carlos make sure we save our energy for the key areas. Pico de Orizaba it was not possible, because 40 mph winds and snow or hail, the guide make sure we returned safely back to the refuge. If we were able to extend the trip by one day we could have summit, no one summit that day but those that tried the following day had much better success rate. Either way always respect the mountain

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