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Climbing ridges in the Pyrenees: Salenques – Tempestades, 15 Gendarmes de Alba, Brecha de Llosars, Cregüeña (Aneto)

Climbing ridges in the Pyrenees: Salenques – Tempestades, 15 Gendarmes de Alba, Brecha de Llosars, Cregüeña (Aneto) | undefined

Come and join UIMLA certified guide Narcis for a wonderful ridge climbing adventure in the Pyrenees in Spain that can last for one or several days.



+1 Day

Apr - Oct




* Enjoy an amazing rock climbing adventure in the Pyrenees of Spain.

* Choose from a number of amazing ridges, including the Salenque-Tempestades.

* Marvel at the spectacular views of the famous mountain range.


Rock climbing in the Pyrenees of Spain is an amazing adventure. From the views to the peaceful, yet vast atmosphere the famed mountain range provides, you can be assured you are in for an experience you will never forget.

During this trip, which can last for one, or several days if you wish, you will get to climb on several different ridges in the Pyrenees.

Those ridges include the Salenque-Tempestades, the 15 Gendarmes at the peak of Alba, Llorsars and the Creguena at the Aneto peak. Other crests that rest outside of the valley we will be visiting that you can enjoy include the Diablo-Costerillou, Besiberris, Travessany and more. Each one of these ridges and crests will provide you with an unforgettable climbing adventure. Furthermore, many of the options are not very difficult. However, participants should have some prior climbing experience and be in good physical condition.

I have no doubt that rock climbing in the Pyrenees will be something you will fondly remember long after you’ve left. To join me on this trip, all you have to do is send a request.

Would you like to climb some amazing 3,000 meter plus peaks in the Benasque Valley of Spain? Then come and join me on this 4-day adventure in the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

About the guide

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Mountain Leader

UIMLA Mountiain Leader | Snowboard TDS | Canyoning TD | AST 2 Avalanche course.

Professional snowboarder with more than 15 years of experience in the commercial field (Unusual Snowboard-Barcelona and Radical Snowboard-Benasque) as well as in the field of teaching snowboarding as deputy director of schools, currently director of the school All Radical Mountain in Benasque.

Currently in TD II High Mountain training. Do this with participations in freeride competitions, preparation of snowboard events and trips around the world.





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What people are saying about Narcís



Narcís is a seasoned pro who gives you full confidence that your trip will be a success! He is knowledgeable and gave great insights into peak Aneto and the surrounding mountains and environment. We’d highly recommend

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