Cross country skiing traverse in the Arctic, Swedish Lapland (14 days)


Come with UIMLA-certified mountain leader David to northern Europe and spend 14-days on a cross-country ski traverse in Swedish Lapland to discover the remote wilderness of northern Scandinavia.


Scandinavian Mountains

14 Days





  • Enjoy a true wilderness adventure in the remote Lapland.
  • Spend more than a week cross-country skiing in immaculate terrain.
  • Traverse the landscape with a knowledgeable and certified guide.


Head to the heart of Scandinavia and cross-country ski through northern Sweden! Spend two weeks on a traverse through the stunning terrain of Lapland and take off on the adventure of a lifetime!

Swedish Lapland has long been an exciting destination for cross-country skiers for its location, landscape, and Arctic culture. Bordering Finland and Norway, it sits at the beautiful crossroads of Scandinavia with a score of UNESCO World Heritage sites and national parks. The size of Lapland is comparable to Portugal, consisting of 109,702 square kilometers.

Your program will place you in the center of this natural paradise among the Arctic fox, moose, and even the wolverine. We will ski about 135 kilometers from Abisko to Stora Sjofallet, maneuvering through peaks reaching nearly 2,000 meters. We will carry our equipment in a pulka as we make our way across the breathtaking scenery of Lapland.

You will feel like an explorer traversing through the glacial valleys. You will even make it inside the Arctic Circle! We will enjoy a wilderness rife with glacial valleys, frozen lakes, and a vast snowscape that will leave you in awe. You can expect about eight days of phenomenal skiing, and the rest will be used to tour the countryside and get accustomed to the culture of Lapland. There will even be a train ride included in your program.

The northern lights should be visible to us as we head into camp for the evening. The journey will include informative lessons on survival and the surrounding wilderness, providing a well-rounded experience for any adventurer.

You should be in great shape to take on this program. Previous experience is necessary to take on the amazing and unforgiving environment. Mental fortitude is just as crucial. Participants should have the mental fortitude to head into the wilderness for eight days and ski with all of the required gear.

This is one of my favorite areas, and I’m always happy to share the Lapland with others. This is the ultimate adventure for cross-country skiers who want the experience of a lifetime. I will show you a safe and satisfying program that will be fun from start to finish.

Make your cross-country skiing dreams come true and sign up for a 14-day Lapland adventure now to see the incredible world waiting for you in northern Sweden!


Day 1 to 2: Lulea

We will meet in Lulea and go over our equipment and the itinerary. We will make sure we have all of our supplies for the upcoming expedition as well.

Day 3: Abisko

Our train from Lulea to Abisko in the north will take about six hours, sending us into the interior. We will stay in a hotel to rest for the next day’s journey.

Day 4 to 10: Cross-Country Skiing

The next week or so will be spend cross-country skiing through the immaculate terrain of Lapland and traversing across its remote natural beauty. Along the way you will learn about surviving in the unforgiving landscape. Nights will be spent in tents across the region.

Day 11: Extra Day

We reserve this day for adverse weather or any other circumstance that may get in the way of our previous schedule. If conditions have been favorable, we will continue our traverse and have an extra day to ski.

Day 12: Stora Sjofallet

We will culminate our traverse in Stora Sjofallet. The evening will be spent in a cabin.

Day 13: Back to Lulea

After packing our bags and equipment, we will travel back to Lulea to prepare for the end of our trip the next day.

Day 14: Departure

After an unforgettable adventure, we will return home and make plans to return to Lapland soon.




We will be staying in hotels in Lulea before and after the traverse. During the cross-country skiing trip, we will be staying in a tent along the journey.

Meeting point

We will meet in Lulea, Sweden.


About the guide

I am David and I live near the Pyrenees Mountains.

I am a Mountain Leader, with international certification UIMLA, and I am an Arctic Guide and Wilderness Guide by WGA (Wilderness Guides Association), too.

I am a mountain-lover. I like the nature and everything related to it. I like doing any activity in the nature and I like sharing it with the people who have the same interests as me.
I respect the people and the local cultures and I try that my activity has a positive effect on the area where I do it.

I absolutely think that to enjoy the mountain and do it with safety it is necessary that you are trained, both technically and physically. This is the reason why my life is a constant learning experience.

I like knowing where I am and who lives in that zone. I like knowing all that happens around me and all that happened before and I like to observe the tracks and signs that the animals make.

I practice the "Leave no trace". That is, when I go to the mountain to enjoy it and to enjoy its nature I do not want that my presence becomes noticeable, both during my stay and after.
This way to understand the mountain and the nature makes me practice a lot of sports and I choose the most appropriate discipline and modality in every situation.

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