El Origen, 3-day Trail running race in the Argentine Andes


Reserve your spot in one of the most amazing races in South America by joining the TMX El Origen 2019, a three-day trail running event that spans a variety of terrain, an endless amount of beauty, and a whole lot of fun in the Andes of Argentina.

Private and Group


3 Days


Extremely Fit



  • Compete with runners from across the world in a three day race.
  • Take a scenic run across the historic landscape of the Andes and Argentina.
  • Enjoy a full service event that enhances every moment of your race.
  • Earn unique race day swag and a one-of-a-kind finishers medal.
  • Choose between 30, 60, or 100 kilometer runs to suit your abilities.


Lace up your running shoes and hit the trail by competing in El Origen 2019, an incredible three-day race in Los Penitentes! This extraordinary event near Mendoza places you in the thick of the Andes and the shadow of Aconcagua to explore the rugged and stunning landscape of Argentina!

The El Origen 2019 Race from the TMX Team is a trail running event unlike any other. In its eighth year, the race has received participants from regional countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Bolivia. Racers have even come from the United States, Portugal, and Italy to take part in this great run!

El Origen takes place in one of the most wild and woolly places in the Andes, right below Aconcagua, which rises 6,962 meters high. Here you can run across mule trails and rolling hills, through valleys and wetlands on gorgeous mountainsides. The aesthetics of this race are second to none, making every breathtaking step totally worth it.

To accommodate all types of runners, there are three lengths to the race. The E100 covers roughly 30 to 40 kilometers per stage, the E60 covers roughly 15 to 25 kilometers per stage, and the E30 about 10 to 12 kilometers per stage. Teams of two are even available to those who wish to complete it with a friend or partner. Even with varying difficulties and lengths, each course will expose the unbelievable beauty of Argentina’s Mendoza region along its border with Chile.

Over three days, you will run across difficult terrain, making it a great race for those who want to push themselves to the next level. Those who want to break into the sport can participate in the E30, while seasoned veterans can test their mettle on the E100. Steep ridges, meandering trails, rough terrain, and epic views epitomize the run, which is quickly becoming a symbol of pride in the South American endurance sport world.

You will arrive a day or two before the race to pick up your race kit at Hotel Ayelen in Los Penitentes, an accommodating lodge and your second home for the better part of a week while you take off into the mountains. Each stage offers a different slice of beauty, after which the hosting Hotel Ayelen will be covering your meals and services to prepare you for the next day of running and competition.

Beginning early in the morning (6:30am) on March 7, you will start the first leg of your journey, which includes a transfer to and from the course. Day one takes you on a tour of Aconcagua Park and its natural beauty. Your second day takes you up Las Cuevas to Christ the Redeemer and back. Finally, on your last day, you will take in the indomitable and majestic hills of Cerro Penitentes. Finishing early in the afternoon on March 9, you will enjoy lunch, attend an award ceremony – and who knows, maybe win an award! The even ends with a closing party at the hotel before sending you back into the real world.

With views of impressive and iconic Andes peaks, complete with glaciers and snow-capped summits, these arduous days are sure to provide you with challenging fun and a rare camaraderie with your running mates and fellow competitors. The entire atmosphere of the race is exhilarating and evocative, so good vibes reverberate through every corner of your trip.

You should be in good shape and prepared for multiple days of serious running. Even E30 participants will be running a significant distance in a relatively short amount of time. Proper preparation includes healthy eating and a training program to make the race enjoyable and worthwhile.

Ready for the challenge? REGISTER NOW for this incredible three-day race and run the El Origen 2019 from March 7 to March 9 in the Andes of Argentina!


Day 0: Pre-Race Day

Race kit pick up (including running bib) is available at Hotel Ayelen from 10:00am to 7:30pm the day before the race (March 6). There will also be time to pick up your race kit on Tuesday, March 5, from Hotel Ayelen as well.

Dinner at Hotel Ayelen will take place around 8:00pm, followed by a MANDATORY technical talk for all racers at 9:30pm at Hotel Ayelen.

Day 1: Aconcagua Park

Breakfast will be served at 6:30am, and then transfer to Aconcagua Park for the First Stage. Personal bags will be secured before starting the race.

E30: Aconcagua Park to Puente del Inca

E60: Aconcagua Park to Penitentes

E100: Aconcagua Park to Penitentes

Transfers back to Hotel Ayelen begin at 1:00pm. Lunch will be served at the hotel from 1:30pm to 6:30pm. There is a break before dinner at the hotel at 8:00pm, which will be followed by a technical talk and video at 9:30pm.

Day 2: Las Cuevas - Christ the Redeemer

Breakfast will be served at 6:30am, and then transfer to Las Cuevas for the Second Stage. Personal bags will be secured before starting the race.

E30: Las Cuevas return to Las Cuevas

E60: Las Cuevas return to Las Cuevas

E100: Las Cuevas to Puente del Inca

Transfers back to Hotel Ayelen begin at 1:00pm. Lunch will be served at the hotel from 1:30pm to 6:30pm. There is a break before dinner at the hotel at 8:00pm, which will be followed by a technical talk and video at 9:30pm.

Day 3: Cerro Penitentes

Breakfast will be served at 6:30am before beginning the Third – and final – Stage at Cerro Penitentes. Personal bags will be secured before starting the race.

E30: Cerro Penitentes to Penitentes

E60: Cerro Penitentes to Penitentes

E100: Cerro Penitentes to Penitentes

Lunch will be served at Hotel Ayelen from 12:30pm until 4:00pm, followed by the award ceremony and a video presentation. The event culminates in a closing party at the hotel to celebrate the completion of the race.




Runners will be staying at the Hotel Ayelen in Penitentes.

More info

Accommodation and meal packages are available for spectators and travelers accompanying racers. This can include transfers to and from the race stages. The following is a list of required equipment to wear during all three stages. Failure to wear and possess these items can result in time penalties for EACH STAGE: • Official race shirt and clearly displayed race bib • Backpack • Helmet (failure to wear a helmet results in disqualification) • Waterproof jacket • Polar or a micro polar • Sunglasses • Long leggings • Warm hat or cap • Warm gloves • First aid kit • Cell phone • Whistle • Flashlight • Survival blanket • Nalgene bottle, heavy duty water bottle, or caramañola The following is a list of recommended personal items: • Towel and personal hygiene utensils • Blister care kit (ointment, scissors, disinfectant, gauze, towel, moleskin, etc.) • Flips flops (post-race) • Hat or cap • Warm jacket • Trail running shoes • Regular running shoes • GPS device • Digital photo camera For first aid kits, they are required to include: • Six (6) self-adhesive dressings (such as band-aids) • Two (2) elastic bandage rolls (1.50m long by 10cm wide) • Two (2) rolls of non-elastic band (1.50m long by 7.5cm wide) • Four (4) surgical dressings • Three (3) individual envelopes of sterile gauze (10cm by 10cm) • Roll of adhesive tape (3cm by 3cm) • 60ml of Iodo-Povidone solution • Six (6) anti-diarrheal tablets (Loperamide) • Six (6) anti-histamine tablets (Loratadine) • Sunscreen (SPF50) • Three (3) envelopes of mineral salts for rehydration • Ibuprofen (400mg) tablets • Disposable latex gloves • Small scissors • Hair removal clip

Meeting point

We will meet at Hotel Ayelen. There will be transfers to and from Santiago Airport (Chile) to Penitentes, as well as from Mendoza to Penitentes, though transfers are not included in the registration fee.


About the guide

We are a group of dedicated professionals who organize and execute top notch endurance sporting events .

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Prices per person

Group of 1

ARS 30413 Each

Group of 2

ARS 28866 Each

Want a different number of travellers?

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

Price details

This is the price to register for the race. A two-payment installment option is available until February 20, at which point all entrance fees must be paid in a single lump sum. The price includes participation in El Origen 2019, transfers within the race, race kit (race t-shirt, long or thermal t-shirt, backpack, race bib, race Polar, and vessel), meals, closing party, runner insurance, race chip, finisher medal and prizes for winners, medical care during race, and snack and hydration stations during the race. The price does NOT include flights, transfers to Hotel Ayelen, personal equipment, personal food and drink(s), and anything not explicitly mentioned as “included.”


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