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Fitz Roy Grand Tour: hiking, mountain bike and canoeing

Join an IFMGA mountain guide into this 8-day outdoor adventure in Mount Fitz Roy, one of the Ice Field wonders in Southern Patagonia.

Mountain RangeAndes
Duration8 days
Offer periodJan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec
Type of tripNot specified


This journey takes place in the borderline between Chile and Argentina, close to El Chalten village (which means “Blue mountain” in the local indian dialect). Mount Fitz Roy (3405 m) is one of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field wonders, awaiting to be unveiled.

I propose an 8-day program that will allow you to admire the natural, well preserved beauty of Mt. Fitz Roy, while enjoying outdoor activities such as trekking, canoeing or mountain biking. An invitation to discover the untouched Patagonian glaciers with your own eyes.

Surrounded by quiet lakes and high peaks, our eco camp is the perfect place to begin this adventure. Once there, we can mountain bike to the beautiful Lago del Desierto (Desert Lake) by a peaceful road, or hike all the way to the summit of Loma del Diablo (Devil’s Slope) at 1800 m.

There are also river guides and canoeing equipment available for an exciting trip along the Rio de las Vueltas, enjoying Mt. Fitz Roy’s landscape as its best.

Following mountain trails in our way to ‘Laguna de los Tres’, admiring the view of Lagunas Madre e Hija valley, and flying like a bird across the river in a Tyrolean traverse, are only some of the many adventures you will experience during this trip.

Furthermore, there’s a wonderful trek between woods, glaciers and high mountain peaks, that will allow us to get some images we will not forget of Mount Torre and Fitz Roy at Loma del Pliegue Tumbado.

Besides, we’ll get to Paso del Viento, or Windward Passage, which is the entrance to Southern Ice.

Find more details about this trip to Mount Fitz Roy in the itinerary below.

Please contact me and be a part of this 8-day trip to the heart of the Patagonian mountains and glaciers. I am an IFMGA mountain guide and will be happy to help you live an unforgettable experience.

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- Breakfast, box lunch and dinner are included for all days, except for Day 1 (just dinner) and Day 8 (just breakfast). - Canoes, bicycles, crampons and ropes included. - Radio communication with our office back at the Chalten village is included.

Meeting point

El Chalten



Day 1: Arriving to El Chaltén

Either I or a member of the team will welcome you when you arrive to El Chalten.

Later on, the group will move north to our Adventure Camp on the banks of Rio De las Vueltas, with an astonishing view of Monte Fitz Roy’s north face.

Just before dinner there will be a trip briefing, guided by a qualified staff member, so we get to know which are the exact plans for the next days.

We will then have dinner and spend the night at the Adventure Camp.

Day 2: Fitz Roy Adventure Eco Camp

Here we will have several options to match our wishes:

  • We can Mountain Bike either with a guide or, if we wish to do so, on our own. It is possible to take a peaceful road to the beautiful Lago del Desierto (Desert Lake)
  • If we want to hike and the weather conditions are good, we can go up to the summit of the Loma del Diablo (Devil’s Slope) at 1800 m. Otherwise, we can make it to the ridge and call it a day (and what a day!).
  • If you feel like going on a more defiant activity we offer canoeing along the Rio de las Vueltas.

Day 3: Fitz Roy Base Camp – Cerro Torre Base Camp

A long yet gratifying day awaits us. After having breakfast we will drive up to the trailhead to begin the ascension.

We will first travel along the Rio Blanco to reach its base camp, which has the same name.

Afterwards, to get to Laguna De Los Tres, there is a steeper trail we have to ascend and during which, if the weather allows it, we will be able to see some of the routes used to climb Fitz Roy.

At afternoon we have a quieter, downhill trail through Lagunas Madre e Hija valley, by which we will reach Thorwood Base Camp, located next to Lago Torre.

Day 4: Loma del Pliegue Tumbado

A trek around woods, glaciers and high mountain peaks in a constantly changing landscape.

Beautiful views of Mt. Torre and Fitz Roy. This trek will be one of the strong points of the expedition.

Day 5: Laguna Toro

Fly like a bird across the river by Tyrolean traverse! Just the amount of adrenaline we needed to get another day started and begin the ascent to Paso De Las Agachonas. The higher we get, the bigger are the emotions! Peaks seem closer, our hearts beat faster, and the excitement gets us pumped.

When we got to Rio Tunel Valley we will get a sneak peak of Paso del Viento, which we will visit the day after.

But after we get to Rio Tunel we go along with it and reach our camp below Laguna Toro, where we will stay for two nights.

Day 6: Paso del viento – Patagonian Ice Cap viewpoint

Paso del Viento, or Windward Passage, is the entrance to Southern Ice, a long desired objective.

The journey towards this passage involves a 900 meter ascent and a glacier to pivot, but not only the landscapes along the trek will make it worth it, but also the final panoramic view of the Southern Ice will make us feel we’ve reached the highest peak of the entire journey.

We’ll spend the night back at Base Camp (Laguna Toro).

Day 7: Return to El Chalten

This final hike to the base will be rather easy if compared to yesterday’s expedition to the Windy Pass. Just an easy hike to get to the town where it all started.

Day 8: Final day

We offer a good breakfast in order for you to fuel you and continue your own personal trip.

About the guide

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Since 1985 we have been operating the best trekking programs in southern Patagonia. We are always looking for new itineraries, unique expeditions, little known spots, and we offer the highest quality outdoor activities in the area... A good example of this are our classic Ice Field Expeditions that have been running with great success for many years.

Our mountaineering origin made us choose this pristine part of the Andes; Southern Patagonia is a place ruled by immense glaciers, rough weather, and mountains such as Mt Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, a place not to miss.
We hope you join us in one of our programs so our guides can show you what Patagonia is about. We offer the best hotels, lodges and camping arrangements to suit everyone.

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