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Horseback riding to the Kakheti vineyards in Georgia

Horseback riding to the Kakheti vineyards in Georgia
Horseback riding to the Kakheti vineyards in Georgia
Horseback riding to the Kakheti vineyards in Georgia
Horseback riding to the Kakheti vineyards in Georgia

Join certified local guide, Tinatin, on an unforgettable horseback riding experience through the Kakheti vineyards in Georgia. Discover the awe-inspiring valleys and the old wine cellars of the region, as well as the local culture and traditions on a one of a kind adventure!


8 Days

Aug - Nov




* Amazing views of Kakheti from the Tsiv-Gombori ridge.

* Horseback riding through beautiful vineyards.

* Visiting Kakhetian small family wineries and old wine cellars.


Discover the stunning Kakheti region in Georgia and explore its vineyards and valleys on an unforgettable horseback riding adventure!

Kakheti is located in eastern Georgia and boasts a strong local identity born from a rich history. It is also a premier wine-producing area, famous for its vineyards, wineries, and old wine cellars.  On this amazing 8-day experience we will have the chance to discover this stunning region on horseback.

Throughout our adventure, we will ride through the vineyards and look over them from the Tsiv-Gombori ridge. This ridge divides Kakheti into inner and outer Kakheti – the two main wine growing areas in Georgia. Inner Kakheti comprises the fertile Alazani River valley (Alazani is the longest river in Georgia), and outer Kakheti comprises the Iori Plateau.  The ridge is used by Kakhetians as summer pasture for their livestock. So, as we ride through it, we will come across their summer farms and herds of sheep and cattle.

We will begin our adventure from Tbilisi, where we will meet. From there, we will transfer to Alvani, where we will warm up with a 3-hour ride before stopping to taste some of the local wines. The next day, we will set off on our horses and begin exploring the region. Every day we will ride between 20 and 40km, and enjoy stunning landscapes as well as coming in touch with the local culture and cuisine. We will stay at local guesthouses and homestays.

Please keep in mind that you will need a good fitness level to join this program. Of course, I will be there to help and guide you as well as to share my knowledge of the local culture with you!

So, are you ready to ride through the beautiful Kakheti vineyards and enjoy a unique experience in Georgia? Then contact me now and let me show you some of my favorite spots in the region!

Or, if you prefer, you can join me on a 9-day hiking tour in Racha and Upper Svaneti!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer

Price details

The minimum number of participants is 3. Alcoholic beverages are not included except for the planned wine tastings.


Day 1: Tbilisi – Alvani

We will begin with a 3-hour drive to Kakheti – the main wine region of Georgia. Then,
we’ll drive to the eastern part of Georgia – Kakheti and get to the village of Alvani, located at the left embankment of the Alazani river. It’s a winter village of Tush people.
After arrival, we’ll enjoy a 3-hour introductory ride. In the evening, we’ll go to a small family winery for early dinner and wine tasting.

Day 2: Alvani – Atskuri – Tetri Tsklebi

After breakfast, we’ll head towards the village of Tetri Tsklebi. First, we will ride through the vineyards, and then, after 2 hours, through forest. Our destination, the village of Tetri Tsklebi, is located on Tsiv-Gombori ridge and overlooks Alazani valley.
Dinner and overnight at a local homestay.
Total Distance: 22km
Highest point: 1300m

Day 3: Tetri Tsklebi – Tsinandali

The longest day of our adventure. It will take us around 2 hours to get to the ridge where we will ride on henceforth with views of both inner and outer Kakheti. After 24 km, we will start the descent (not very steep), so we’ll have to walk about 5km and you should wear comfortable boots for walking (not riding boot). As soon as we get to the river bed, we’ll continue on horseback to the destination.
Dinner and overnight in Kisiskhevi at the local guest house.
Total Distance: 42km
Highest point 1970m

Day 4: Tsinandali – Eniseli

A lazy day.
Late breakfast at the guesthouse. We’ll ride towards the Alazani river, cross it to the left embankment, and continue towards the village of Eniseli. After we get to the destination, we’ll visit Gremi – Royal citadel of the medieval capital of the Kingdom of Kakheti (XVIc).
Dinner and Overnight at the local guest house.
Total distance: 19km

Day 5: Eniseli – Napareuli – Phshaveli – Kvemo Alvani

We’ll ride to Alvani via several Kakhetian villages and vineyards. From the village of Pshaveli, we’ll drive to Alvani (10mins)
Total distance: 38km

Day 6: Alvani – Pankisi valley

We’ll ride to the picturesque Pankisi valley –home to the Kists, a minority group closely related to Chechens (North Caucasian Muslims). The region has become notorious in recent years after the 1990s when lots of Chechen refugees arrived and settled with the locals.
Recently the valley attracted attention again because of radical Islamists who went to Syria and fought there.
The valley is not dangerous at all, but the opposite. The people are really hospitable and warm. Their completely different culture and lifestyle are really interesting.
For dinner, we’ll try traditional Kist dishes.
Overnight at the local guesthouse
Total Distance: 30km

Day 7: Pankisi Valley - Alvani

Ride back to Alvani alongside the river Alazani
Total Distance: 27km

Day 8: Alvani – Tbilisi


About the guide

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Hiking Guide

Hiking and horseback riding guide.

I'm Georgian, native Tushetian. As a girl, I lived in the main wine region of Georgia – Kakheti, spent every summer in Tusheti – outstanding and authentic mountain region for its location, ethno-culture and nature. In 2014 I became certified sightseeing guide and started guiding all over Georgia. The more I travelled and learnt about Georgia’s rich cultural landscape, the more I grew to love my home country.

In 2017 I got certifications in trekking and in 2019 in horseback riding guiding. My main purpose is to use my experience in adventure tourism and offer unpopular, least crowded and still least popular activities such as agro tours, equestrian trekking and many others. My passion is to share the many undiscovered and unspoiled regions that make Georgia so special, adventurous and worth to discover.


Georgian | English



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What people are saying about Tinatin


I highly recommend Tina as a guide for a horseriding trip. She always takes care of all of the team and let everyone enjoy the adventure independently of how advanced is in horse ride.


We had a great experience: well organized and combined trekking, gastro and wine activities - learned quite a lot in just 7 days. Tina was an exceptional guide.


Tinatin is nice and open minded person. Tour with her was safety and adapted to individual skills of each participant of the trip. Of course integration after all day cannot be forgotten :) This trip was one of the best experiences in my life.


We had an amazing week with Tinatin, her team, and a huge herd of horses to drive to Vashlovani NP. Detail-focused and very well-organized trip. It was a really unforgettable adventure.


Tina is a very well organised person, she is very professional and helpful and friendly. My trip with Tina was interesting and most of the impressions. I recommend Tina as an organizer and travel companion.

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