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La Salanfe Moonlight Guided Canyoning


Join me for an evening of Moonlight Canyoning at La Salanfe Canyon that you will never forget.

Canyoning is an amazing experience. But to have the opportunity to enjoy it under the Moonlight only raises the bar. We all know that everything changes at night. And the Salanfe Canyon is no different. Seeing the Moonlight reflecting off the water. Hearing the sounds of the nocturnal creatures that rest dormant during the day. Feeling the evening breeze brushing against your face. All of these things are offered to you under the Moonlight. Thus making this canyoning experience as unusual as it is incredible.

While it may sound risky to go Canyoning at night, you can rest easy because this concept has been in development for years. We have made sure that all of the Routes, the Jumps, and the Slides are just as safe under the Moonlight as they are under the Sunlight. Also, the Salanfe Canyon is the perfect Canyon for Beginners, making the Moonlight Experience suitable for anybody. From children as young as 9-Years-Old, to whole families, to people with Canyoning experience who are just looking for another way to enjoy this incredible activity.

Nature is gorgeous at all hours of the day. However, far less people get to explore the best parts of it once the sun goes down. But on this trip, you will get to see one of the Alps' most amazing Canyons, under the Moonlight, while also having a great deal of fun the entire time.

So come, let me guide you for a unique, unusual, exhilarating Canyoning experience at La Salanfe. Where you can enjoy this amazing place under the stunning glare of Moonlight.

I'll be awaiting your message. 

And if you want to see and experience the La Salanfe Canyon during the day, you can also join me here.


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The minimum age to participate in this trip is 9-years-old. The trip is free for anybody after the 8th member of the group.

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