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Pamir 20-day guided trekking tour

Pamir 20-day guided trekking tour
Pamir 20-day guided trekking tour
Pamir 20-day guided trekking tour

Yaroslav, as a local and IFMGA-certified mountain guide, has planned a 20-day trekking program around the highlights of Kyrgyzstan, in the Pamir region.


20 Days

Jul - Sep


I am pleased to invite you to a guided trekking tour in the region of Pamir.

Pamir is part of a wide Asiatic mountain range that lies among Central and Southern Asia. In the West it borders with the Himalaya. Besides that, Pamir is also known as the “Pamir Knot”. It is because Pamir is the junction point of many other mountain ranges of the region.

As a local mountain guide, I have no doubt that the trekking options in Kyrgyzstan are endless. That’s why I want to propose a 20-day hike which starts along the Turkestan mountain range’s gorges. Turkestan mountain range is also really interesting because it is an uncrowded region.

Progressively, the trek will take us to the heart of Pamir-Alai mountains, across stunning mountain landscapes. During the hike among this scenery you can admire wonderful panoramic views of, as an example, the Piramidalnyi Peak (5.509 meter of altitude), which is the highest point of Turkestan Range. 

If you have ever been in South American Patagonia, this guided tour will remind it: wilderness, winds blowing, pasturage, glaciers everywhere you look, peaks over 5.000 meters of altitude and very few people around. 

The second stage of this trek will lead us to the other side of Pamir. This time, to the base of the Lenin peak. It is just one of the three over-7000-meter peaks of Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, it is the highest point of Zaalayskiy mountain range.

Finally, we will climb the 5.127-meter Yukhina Peak (5.127 m). Climbers usually use this climb as an acclimatization before Lenin. That is because the ascent does not involve any technical skill.

For more details about the day-by-day program please find the complete itinerary at the bottom of this description.

For any other doubt or if you want to discuss any item of the trip, feel free to contact me whenever you want. It will be a pleasure for me to lead this trekking tour in one of my favorite regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer

- Permit and entrance fees

- Drinks


Day 1: Osh

Arrival and meeting in The “Osh” international airport “Osh”. A transfer will take you to you hotel for a rest time. Lunch and afternoon city tour. Dinner and night in Sun Rise hotel.

Day 2: Trekking preparation

Transfer to the town of Batken and then to the trail-head in Uzgurush village. Accommodation in a local Kyrgyz family house (1450 meters of altitude). Trekking preparation.

Day 3: Camp Ak-Tash

First trekking day! It starts in a wild trail along Buldzhuma river, going up to the Buldzhuma Pass (2.894 m). From the pass you can enjoy the wonderful view of the nearest gorges and the Western face of Uponym pass. After that, we descend to the valley of Ak-Tash River. There is the tent Camp Ak-Tash hidden among the bushes on a green meadow. There we will spend the night.

Day 4: Dzhalgychy Camp

Today we will traverse along the Ak-Tash River on scree up to Dzhalgychy pass (3.774 m). From the to of the pass we enjoy the panoramic view of Turkestan mountain range, western face peak Piramidalnyi (5.509 m) and Turo pass (4.525 m.)Then, we’ll descend along a trail down to Dzhalgychy gorge to confluence with another gorge. Overnight in tents in Dzhalgychy Camp (3.100 m).

Day 5: Orto Chashma tent camp

Today we begin trekking up along grass slopes between Dzhalgychy and Kashka-Suu gorges. From upset point we enjoy the panoramic view of Orto Chashma gorge and Turo pass (4525 m.) and the Western face of the peak Piramidalnyi. Descent to Kashka-Suu gorge untill we are in the confluence with Orto Chashma gorge. Overnight in tents in Orto Chashma Tent Camp (2.800 m.).

Day 6: Kara-Suu Tent Camp

We will trek to the start of the Kosh Moinok pass (3.260 m). The serpentine trail goes through juniper forest, passing by a cool spring. Overnight in tents in Kara-Suu Tent Camp (2.800 m.) and finishes at the saddle of Kara Suu pass (3.760 m).

Day 7: Peaks Asan Usan and Piramidalnyi.

Radial hike to Kara Suu gorge to the foot of peaks of Piramidalnyi (5.509 m) and Asan Usen (4.378 m). Overnight in tents in Kara Suu Camp.

Day 8: Orto Chashma Campsite

Over Kara Suu (3760 m) and Kosh Moinok (3260 m) passes we get back to Orto Chashma Campsite, where we will spend the night. This pass is divided by a small flat spot in two parts.

Day 9: Ak- Tubek Campsite

Moderate ascent along Orto Chashma river till confluence with Ak-Tubek gorge. Then we will cross two more rivers (by bridges) and continue trekking along Ak-Tubek river, traverse up to the foot of Ak Tubek pass. Camping near white rock, in the Ak- Tubek Campsite (3.390 m.).

Day 10: Ak-Suu camp

The hard ascent to Ak Tubek pass (4.390 m.) is rewarded by a majestic panoramic view over Iskander peak region and Orto Chashma rivervalley. Our Camp is situated in the beginning of green zone at Ak-Suu river. On the way you can see alpine walls of Iskander (5.120 m), Petrogradez (5.165 m), Admiralteetc (5.090 m), Aksu (5.355 m), A. Block (5.229 m) and Aktubek (5.125 m) peaks. Overnight in Ak-Suu tent camp

Day 11: Radial hike to the foot of Ak-Suu peak

The trail goes through juniper forest up a steep moraine to a glacier, to the very heart of Pamir-Alai – to peak Ak-Suu (5355 m). This pyramid like peak has a snow cap, and a vertical wall on the Northern slope. The grandiose circus is surrounded by such peaks as two-headed Iskander and Admiralteez, Petrogradez and A. Block. Overnight in Ak-Suu tent camp.

Day 12: Uzgurush village

Descent through juniper forest along Ak-Mechet river. We can observe the peak Iskander on the way. Then we trek along a picturesque green gorge till Uzgurush village, where we will sleep in a family house.

Day 13: Batken - Osh

Early in the morning we will drive to Batken. A walk in Batken town center, visiting “Manas Ordo” complex. Afternoon transfer to a hotel in Osh (dinner and night included).

Day 14: Achik-Tash Base Camp

Morning transfer to the Base Camp “Achik Tash”, situated at the foot of Lenin peak (7.134 m). The base camp is placed at 3.600 meters above sea level by the mountain stream. A lot of moraine lakes are scattered around.  Accommodation in the tents in “Achik-Tash” Base Camp (3,600 m).

Day 15: Pertovskiy Peak

Acclimatization ascent to the ridge of Pertovskiy peak. Wonderful panoramic views to base camp and Alay valley. Overnight in the “Achik-Tash” Base Camp.

Day 16: Camp 1

From the base camp we head over the Puteshestvinnikov Pass (4200m). The ascent usually takes 1-1.5 hours by a good trail. Then, we descend to the left moraine of the Lenin glacier. Further we should cross the river carefully. The best time for crossing is early morning, as the river rises rapidly throughout at this time. Across the left moraine of glacier to the Lenin glacier and hike to “Camp 1”.

Day 17: Ascent to Yukhina Peak (5127m)

Easy ascent to a 5.000-meter peak. At the top, there are fantastic views to the Lenin peak and peak of “19-th”. Accommodation in tents of “Camp 1” (4.400 m).

Day 18: Camp 1 - Base camp

Descend to the “Achik-Tash” Base Camp.

Day 19: Osh City

Transfer to Osh city over Taldyk pass. Dinner and accommodation in a hotel in Osh.

Day 20: International flight from Osh

Transfer to the airport to catch your flight back home.


About the guide

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Mountain Guide

I’m an IFMGA-certified mountain guide and I'm part of the Kyrgyzstan Mountain Guide Association (KMGA). I organize for my friends and clients trekking, mountaineering, climbing and ski touring trips and expeditions in Kyrgyzstan. Come and enjoy great climbing in the Ala-Archa Valley or sign for the challenging adventure of ascending Peak Lenin. I’ll be glad to organize for you the trip you are looking for and spend a good time with you in my mountains while sharing my experience as a mountain guide and my knowledge about my country.


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We had a really nice time with Yaroslav and his driver Daniel. We were skitouring in the end of February in Karakol and Jyrgalan. Yaroslav is a very professional guide and knows the region very well. Thanks to him we always found the best spots for powder snow. The hostels that he selected were all excellent and clean. Both, Yaroslav and his driver Daniel are very punctual and reliable. They helped us in all matters and were very warm-hearted and fun! all in all we had an amazing week and are very thankful for the fun time that we had together! I would defently book again with Yaroslav!

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