Paragliding in Slovenia with optional Hiking


Enjoy paragliding in Slovenia and experience a rush of freedom from above the beautiful Soca Valley. Spend a full day flying or combine your paragliding excursion with an unforgettable hike in nature.


Julian Alps

1 Day

All year

Open to everyone

All Levels


  • Enjoy paragliding in Slovenia
  • Discover the stunning Soca Valley from up high.
  • Receive personalized guidance and explore a unique wilderness area with a guide.
  • On a lucky day, fly side by side with eagles.


Would you like a birds-eye view of the stunning Julian Alps’ landscapes from up in the sky? Then come with me on an unforgettable outdoor adventure and let me show you what paragliding in Slovenia is all about!

On these paragliding programs, you have the chance to soar like a bird in the sky while appreciating unique views of the Soča Valley below. Furthermore, you will have 1 on 1 attention and support, and I will make sure to choose the best spot for your outing depending on the wind and weather conditions. Additionally, you will have the option of deciding whether you simply want to go paragliding, or if you want to combine your paragliding adventure with a vigorous hike as well.

Some of the locations that we can take-off from include Mangart, Kanin, Stol, Kuk and Kobala. We will decide which is the most appropriate depending on wind direction. Keep in mind that you can enjoy paragliding in Slovenia during any season. In the winter and early spring, if we fly from Kanin you can also take-off and land with your skis.

Our paragliding itinerary involves first reaching our take-off spot on the mountain either by car or lift. Once there, I will prepare the 2-person paraglider we will use. Then, your harness and helmet will be properly fit and I will give you some instructions for take-off. After a short test run, we will be attached together to the paraglider, and, after a final safety check, we will be ready to fly.


Once the wind conditions are right, I will lift the paraglider up from the ground and after a few steps, we will gently be lifted into the air and off the mountain.

The Flight

Once in the air, you will sit comfortably in the harness and experience the freedom of flight. We will use thermals to gain elevation and if we are lucky, we will fly side by side with eagles. With every meter we rise, the view will be even more incredible. As the world below becomes smaller, your everyday problems will disappear, and your mind will be set free. In total, we will spend around 20 minutes up in the air.


After a wonderful flight, we will prepare for landing. We need to take the proper position in the harness and then, I will steer the paraglider down. As we touch ground softly, you will be overjoyed that your dream of flying has come true.

Hike and Fly

If you would like to join me for an adventure that combines both paragliding and hiking, then I also offer this option. We will hike up the Mulatieras, old mountain trails that were set up by soldiers in WWI carrying the glider on our back. The hike will take between 2-3 hours, depends of the location. Then, we will fly down. This is how paragliding actually started!


Keep in mind that although you do not need prior experience, you will need to have an ideal weight between 20 – 100 Kg. People over this weight may fly after clearance with the pilot. Also, keep in mind that this activity is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases or pregnant women. If you have any health issues, please let us know in advance.


So, are you ready to go paragliding in Slovenia? Then contact me now and let’s start planning an unforgettable flight together, I look forward to being your guide!



We can help you organize accommodation if needed.

More info

Passengers' ideal weight is between 20 - 100 Kg. Persons over this weight may fly after clearance with the pilot. This activity is not recommended for people with heart issues or pregnant women. If you have any health issues, please consult with the guide.

Meeting point



Equipment you will need to bring

Other gear: As a passenger you need good shoes (running shoes are good, no sandals) and appropriate clothing (long pants and a wind jacket or pullover).

About the guide

Hi, my name is Jože and I live in Bovec, in the Soča valley, “the” place for outdoor sports enthusiasts in Slovenia. I also lead programs in the location of Bled, at the foot of the fantastic Julian Alps. I started guiding canyoning tours in 2005 and I did it for 14 years. In between I certified myself as a Slovenian Mountain Guide and a Paragliding Tandem Pilot, so im looking forward to take you to the mountains and to a thrilling advnture in the air!

In our valley you can practice all the activities you can imagine, from climbing Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak, to hiking and paragliding, among many other exciting experiences.

I will be more than happy to guide you to the summit of Triglav, or to Mangart, the third highest peak in the country, climbing some fantastic via ferratas, or taking you on a Tandem Paragliding adventure from some amazing places in summer.

Also in winter I am active, taking my clients on freeriding, ski touring, ice climbing tours, on winter ascents on Triglav and also paragliding. My very special trip is hiking or climbing the mountains and flying down from the top!!! We call it hike and fly.

So if you are planning on visitng the Soča valley on your next trip, it will be my pleasure to guide you on an adventure and make your holidays something special.

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Prices per person

Group of 1

EUR 165 Each

Group of 2

EUR 165 Each

Group of 3

EUR 165 Each

Group of 4

EUR 165 Each

Group of 5

EUR 165 Each

Group of 6

EUR 165 Each

Group of 7

EUR 165 Each

Group of 8

EUR 165 Each

Want a different number of travellers?

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Lifts tickets

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

Price details

Hike and fly: half-day 260 EUR, full-day 360 EUR.

Price includes:

-Guiding fee

-Transport during trip

-Tandem Pilot expenses (lifts)

videos and pictures are not included in the price.


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