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Rock climbing safety classes on Bornholm Island


Join this rock climbing safety course on the Bornholm Island, Denmark, with one of our certified guides. Learn all the basics about safety to maximize your performance on this wonderful sport.


1 Day

May, Jun, Jul, Aug




  • Learn all the safety rules for rock climbing with a local guide
  • Maximize your potential
  • Discover a stunning location for this thrilling activity


Do you love rock climbing but are concerned about your safety? Are you looking for new challenges and thrilling ascents in a safe place?

Then, this rock climbing safety classes on the Bornholm Island, are exactly what you are looking for!

Join one of our local, certified guides on this rock climbing adventure on one of the most beautiful parts of Denmark, the Bornholm Island. This island in the Baltic Sea, is also known as the Sunshine Island or the Rock Island. Both, nice sunny weather during the summer and dazzling rock formations all around the island, have granted it these nicknames. So, it is the perfect location for this activity.

Also, we propose different options depending on what you wish to accomplish and your previous experience.

Security course #1 

  • Know the equipment we normally use for rock climbing.

  • How to secure others up and down, on top-rope

  • Rock climbing techniques

  • Knots and bolts

  • How to know if the rock is stable

  • Heating

  • Bouldering

  • First aid

  • Top-rope on bolted routes.

Security course #2

  • Review of the contents of course #1

  • How to make routes

  • Ensuring an ascent that leads to clipping

  • French tie

  • Please note, you’ll need to complete course #1 first to join this one.

Security course #3

  • Review of the contents of course #1 and #2

  • Rescue of companions

  • How to get out of jammed clothes

  • Bailout on climbing routes

  • How to read an ascent ladder

  • Multi-line routes

  • Top-rope with bolts, trees and rock blocks

  • Basic techniques for rappelling

  • Please note, you’ll need to complete course #1 and #2 first to join this one.

So don’t hesitate and send us a request. Join this course and learn everything you always wanted to know about rock climbing and its safety rules.

You can also check out this Indoor climbing at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.


Meeting point

Moseløkken quarry or at the Catch granite fracture.


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