One-day hike with an herbalist in the Jura Mountains, Neuchâtel


Learn everything about medicinal plants and ecology from ASAM mountain guide and herbalist Sylvain on this 1-day hiking program in the Jura Mountains, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.



1 Day

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  • Learn about plants and ecology along with an herbalist and botany lover.
  • Discover a beautiful natural area in the Jura Mountains, in Neuchâtel.
  • Try delicious healthy meals and improve your knowledge about nutrition.


Follow me on this 1-day hiking trip and live an unforgettable experience in Neuchâtel, in western Switzerland. As an herbalist and botany lover, I can teach you everything I know about the wild plants and ecology of the region. 

On this trip, I invite you to discover the beauty and natural wonders of the Jura Mountains, a beautiful range in the northern Alps. In this stunning location, we’ll explore the surroundings of our hut in Chaumont and talk about local medicinal plants and how to identify them. We’ll also enjoy hiking in other natural areas nearby, such as the Chasseral Peak, and cross gorgeous pastures and forests. 

Furthermore, we’ll prepare our meals together in our cozy hut using local products and also talk about nutrition and health. Additionally, I’ll answer your questions and  share some of my best-kept secrets with you! 

So, are you ready for this incredible natural experience in Neuchâtel? Then don’t hesitate to send the request and book your place on this trip. You won’t regret your choice!

Looking for a longer program? Then take a look at this 3-day option also in the Jura Mountains.


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Don't forget to bring: trekking shoes, backpack, jacket and appropriate clothing.


About the guide

Passionate about botany and ornithology, trained in ecology, I have long worked in environmental protection, rural development and adaptation to climate change in the Sahel.

Coming from a family of (small) farmers in the West of France, my initial training focused on the management and protection of nature. My associative activities have also allowed me to develop a solid naturalistic culture.

My professional career began with a regional development project in the Alpes de Haute-Provence. Afterwards, I was an ornithological animator in the Eastern Pyrenees. At 25, I went to Niger and worked there for 7 years, first as an international volunteer (France volunteers) then as a technical advisor for the German cooperation services (DED/GIZ). After a brief return to France and a visit to Canada to perfect my English, I went back to West Africa - this time to Senegal where I coordinated a climate change adaptation project for a French NGO.

Tired of the contradictions of the associative and institutional milieu, I finally chose to fly on my own while keeping a privileged link with nature. While my stays in so-called "developing" countries have led me to grasp the fragility of life, it is quite naturally that I wanted to take a closer interest in health.

I then trained in naturopathy with the Herbothèque (Quebec) and the Mandorle School (Switzerland), and specialized in scientific aromatherapy with Dominique Baudoux. I also returned to my first loves: botany and the study of plants. Settled in Switzerland since September 2015, I also trained as a mountain leader at the Saint Jean d'Anniviers school in Valais. I opened my naturopathic practice in Neuchâtel in the summer of 2016 and am a member of the Syndicat des professionnels de la naturopathie (SPN) and the central committee of the Association suisse des accompagnateurs en montagne (ASAM).

Two caps - naturopath and herbalist and hiking guide - for the same passion: nature. My vocation today is to share and transmit it in many ways.
I propose "nature and health" or "nature and culture" stays, cooking-nutrition courses, herbal walks, botanical walks. It's about walking, discovering a region, its nature, learning about wild plants, who they are, what they do. A complete naturopathic check-up can be integrated into the program. This allows individuals to have a complete view of their health status and to obtain an individualized health optimization program.

The proposed destinations are regions to which I am strongly attached and/or that I know well for having lived there: the Mediterranean basin, West Africa, South-West and West France, Switzerland :

France: the Languedoc Roussillon Mediterranean and its causses, the eastern Pyrenees, the Grenoble region with the Chartreuse and Vercors, the Charente Maritime, Brittany, the Southern Alps.
Southern Italy, Naples region.
Greece: Cyclades and Parnitha Natural Park
Sahelian Africa: Northern Senegal, Niger, Burkina Faso.
Morocco: from Essaouira to the South of the Atlas Mountains
Switzerland: Vaud, Neuchâtel and Bernese Jura, pre-Alpes, Valais.

The stays take place either from a fixed point in a gîte, or while roaming. In both cases, healthy local cuisine will be at the party.

Any reservation of my stays abroad for my Swiss clientele is made through the travel agency "Le goût du voyage". This partnership is based on mutual trust and a shared travel ethic. The organization of the pre-trip is thus delegated to competent and experienced professionals, which allows me to concentrate on my work as a guide and to secure this activity on the legal level.

Other tailor-made offers can also be proposed. Feel free to contact me.

The past and present programming of my health hiking activity can be found on the "Events" page.

A blog also presents articles on hikes or stays proposed to inspire you (choose the "hiking trips" category).

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